Alden Richards answers about his marriage with Maine Mendoza will be soon

Recently the phenomenal love team faces many negative issues concerning their relationship that Alden has a Mystery Girlfriend and Maine Mendoza has another guy courting her. AlDub Nation is waiting for a positive write-ups and article for the phenomenal love team. One post of AlDub Nation member that if the bashers and critics will make an article about secretly married, of the phenomenal love team their newspaper will be sold out even written in English. This is how AlDub Nation reacts to the positive article for the phenomenal love team, surely they will support 100%.There is another positive issue emerging in the social media that one fan is asking about the marriage of Alden and Maine in the future but Alden responded positively with a surprising answer "soon". The fan who ask Alden about their future marriage and Alden directly answers that it will be "soon" makes the post interesting and viral.

AlDub Nation now is thinking the answer of Alden Richards of their future real marriage will be "soon" it will happen in real life or in the upcoming soap opera destined To Be yours". The previous answer of Alden Richards " sa tamang panahon' is very safe but for his latest answer about their marriage " soon" the answer has a conviction. It was the idea posted by one AlDub Nation member that the answer of Alden Richards is with conviction and sincerity.

Many AlDub Nation is dreaming that this will happen soon or very soon and it will be a great celebration for the alDub Nation and it will record another history in the showbiz industry. This event will be much awaited by all alDub Nation and they will not falter to wait for this event because this is their dream for the phenomenal love team that someday there will be a real marriage for the phenomenal love team.

Source: Ron Sagun
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