Sad Story After Alden Richards Mother's Cremation!

There is a sad story behind the Alden's Mother cremation that he reveals to the AlDub Nation why until now the urn of his mother is not yet buried after cremation. He reveals that " "Yung presence po kasi ng mom ko, kahit wala na siya physically dun, as long as nandun lang yung urn niya, parang we can feel her." According to Pambansang Bae the urn of his mother gives him inspiration once he sees inside their house.

Every time he comes home, he prayed it and feeling that the presence of his mother is always in their house. Alden added that "Minsan po pag mag-isa ako, kinakausap ko ang nanay ko na, ‘Ma, lahat naman ng ginagawa kong ‘to, para sa ‘yo. Kasi ikaw naman ang nangarap sa akin na mapunta ako dito." “Kung wala po akong motivation na pinanggalingan, hindi ko naman po magagawa ang ginagawa ko ngayon."

The Pambansang Bae showed his new house in the "YES Magazine" and separate a special place for the urn of his mother. In that special place the photo of his mother in a picture frame and the urn of his mother. He reveals the reason why they did not bury the urn of his mother because they cannot afford the expenses of burying his mother in the cemetery.

His financial status at that time is nothing compare today that he receives many blessing last year and until now the blessings are continuing pouring to the humble Pambansang Bae Alden Richards. And at that time his father was forced to resign to take the separation pay to use for the expenses on his mother's de*th. The complete interview of Alden Richards will be read in the issue of YES Magazine.

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