Jose Manalo makes Alden Cries in Sunday PinaSaya, Here's why?

Alden Richards was in teary eyes when she saw the Sunday PinaSaya surprised to him. Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola brought his Grandmother Lola Linda on the stage to meet personally the Pambansang Bae. His grandmother pretending that she did not recognize his grandson Alden Richards and told him that he was look alike of her grandson.Alden Richards was in teary eyes when he saw his grandmother on the stage together with Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola.But Alden directly answers his grandmother by telling" Syempre naman lola kita ano ka ba? and he embraces his loving grandmother.After embracing his grandmother he asked Alden if she follows all the advice she gives to Alden because she wants to be sure that he is obeying her advice to her grandson. Jose Manalo immediately told Alden that his grandmother is there to greet him a "happy birthday".

As a loving grandmother, she gives a message to her grandson" ang wish ko lang sa kanya sana ay magtagal pa siya sa trabaho nyo dito at maganda ang pagsasama nyo lahat. sana ay mabigyan siya ng mabuting health at saka more blessings. OK ba yun?" After the message of her grandmother, he gives a birthday wish to the show Sunday PinaSaya to continue the highest rating of the Sunday noontime show of GMA Network, stability, good health for him and his family and giving thanks to all his supporters.

Alden added that he loves very much his Lola Linda and his family working hard for them to give them better future. Jose Manalo told the kindness of Alden by saying" Yun lang ang problema sa apo mo,lola. masyadong mabait." Not only Jose Manalo, his grandmother and all the people in the Sunday PinaSaya knows how Alden Richards is kind but to AlDub Nation as well.This message of Jose Manalo to Lola Linda is very true because Alden is very kind to everybody.

Source: Ron Sagun, GMA Network
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