Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza soap opera "Destined To Be Yours" to be Number 1 as ADN promised

AlDub Nation is ready to make again another history in showbiz industry as they promise the phenomenal love team to support them 101% for their upcoming soap opera Destined to Be Yours(DTBY).AlDub Nation posts her utmost support and assuring the phenomenal love team for her support with hashtag #ALDUB2017Prospects " Rest assured Alden and Maine, We will repay ur hard work by giving our 101% support! DTBY WILL BE NO.1"It is good to hear and read the post of the AlDub Nation solidly supporting the phenomenal love team. Not only 101% support but they promised and will make a history that the upcoming soap opera will be number 1.As payment for the hard work of the phenomenal love team, they will make it number 1 TeleSerye in Philippines Television. They are all excited for the upcoming soap opera "Destined To Be Yours".

The excitement of AlDub Nation for the upcoming TeleSerye will never fade and no amount of hanash can ever change for their excitement to the upcoming TeleSerye. It is not only a promise that Destined To be yours will be number one but it will be a history in Philippines Television Network and it will be worldwide.

AlDub Nation posts their zealousness for the success of the upcoming soap opera and the phenomenal love team can depend on their support. They post on their Twitter that"Alden and Maine count on us! Ds is too much emotion! goo ADN ds will be another history. Again the AlDub Nation will make another history for the success of the phenomenal love team Alden and Maine. Rest assured that the rating of this upcoming TeleSerye "Destined To Be Yours" will soar high that will make another challenge to the rival Television network.

Source: Ron Sagun
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