Calling the attention of Alden and Maine Fans think positive this 2017

So many negative issues are coming out for the phenomenal love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. Recently two negative write ups and issues were thrown to the phenomenal love team. The first is to Alden Richards by entertainment columnist Ricky Lo about the " Mystery Girlfriend". The second was to the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza linking her to the son Of Vic Sotto, Vico Sotto which was an article of Salve Asis of Pilipino Star Ngayon.The AlDub Nation is always ready to defend the phenomenal love team against bashers and negative write-ups pertaining to the phenomenal love team.

AlDub Nation is now calling to defend and ignore negative write ups and comment positive comments to the phenomenal love team whenever the bashers and critics throw them with negative write ups and article. A Tweets from one solid AlDub Call the attention of all AlDub nation members posting with hashtag #ALDUBSoars2017 " Pag may nakita kayong nega comments sa Twitter, FB or FP- ignore & punuin ng positive comments. Mas madami tayo sa mga yan."

The post of the solid fan "Megalurks" gain positive response to the AlDub Nation to think positive and to be an example to be positive defending the phenomenal love team from bashers and negative writers.A true solid AlDub nation will defend and think positive for the benefits of the phenomenal star and Pambansang Bae.Another positive reaction from AlDub Nation members that it was the best thing to do this 2017 ignore the positive and comments positive against negative article and write-ups.

Source: Ron Sagun
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