AlDub name will be changed to ALMAINE? Will you agree AlDub Nation?

AlDub name is the combination of Pambansang bae Alden and Phenomenal star Yaya Dub. It was become very famous phenomenal love team not only here in the Philippines but around the globe.It is the name that Alden and Maine create the phenomenal love team AlDub and creates a fandom named also from their love team name as AlDub Nation. once you are a fan and supporters of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza you will be a member of AlDub Nation.There is a rumor that the phenomenal love team name will be changed from AlDub to AlMaine and AlDub Nation Member reacts on her Twitter post with hashtag #ALDUBDelightfulDuo " Parang Allan K + Maine yung ALMAINE!!MAICHARD na lang ko kung rebolusyun na talaga mga Bes!!

But others don't like to change the most famous name of love team and others have a suggestion rather than ALMAINE some are telling that it is better if it will be changed to MAINCHARD. It is also the combination of their names Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.The tweet goes" Agree w/ u, MAICHARD is better real name talaga nila!" Another one agrees for the new name MAICHARD and with his supporting comments that' I'm with you with MAINCHARD. Nothing beats the real thing."

Most of the AlDub nation members like for the win the "MAICHARD" rather than ALMAINE because it sounds better than ALDUB original name of the phenomenal love team.If this will happen AlDub Nation will also be changed to MAINCHARD NATION.It's only a wild guess if the name will be changed but the fans and supporters of Alden and Maine solidly support the phenomenal love team.

Source: Ron Sagun
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