Are Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner dating?

Hello girls be happy because the Sorry Singer Justin Bieber is still single.He is still available because he has no girlfriend at present. according to “Justin and Kendall are simply friends, nothing more, and it’s nothing romantic,” the exclusively added that “They enjoy each other’s company and have a lot of friends in common so they get to hang out together often. It was no big deal for her to jump on a plane with him for a quick trip for a few days.”

The internet blow up when "belibiers" caught Sorry singer justine Bieber accompanying a model. The fans cannot identify the mystery girlfriend accompanied by Justin Bieber in his private jet plane.It was confirmed by " a picture inside Five Guys".

In one fastfood joint in Park City, Utah one fortunate burger eater saw the two celebrities friend Justin Bieber and Kendal Jenner is the mystery girlfriend that board in his private jet having a snack in the fast food joint.The two celebrities were not on a romantic date as rumored before to be the mystery girlfriend of the "Sorry" singer.

Many men wants to win her hearts including Jordan Clarkson and A$ap Rocky but there is no one wins her heart, according to the insider"Kendall has plenty of other guys she’s interested in and is dating, She has no need to hook up with someone like Justin who has already been with everyone she knows."

Source: Hollywood Life
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