Arrogant Japanese Businessman Arrested For Hitting 11-year-old Child at NAIA

It became viral about the bossy rich Japanese airline passenger hitting a poor 11 years old child for no reason that makes the public angered in the social media.The police in the airport arrested the alleged suspect Koichi Kuroda a 50 years old for hitting the child of one airline passenger of Flight JAL 745 of Japan Airlines from Narita Japan.The father of the child that was hit by the bossy rich Japanese businessman explained that his child does nothing against the bossy passenger.

The Japanese alleged suspect suddenly hit his child and there is no reason or alibi of this businessman to hurt the poor child.The incident happened in the baggage area of the airport.Many airline passengers witness the arrogant behavior that makes them surround the alleged suspect until the police authorities come and calm the situation.The authorities found out that the alleged suspect is an influential businessman with a large company in the province of Cavite.

The father of the child hit by the arrogant businessman refuse to the settlement and decided to file a complaint. The complaint to the alleged suspect was filed at the Pasay Prosecutor's Office where Kaichi Kuroda will be charged with Child abuse.

Because of his violating Child abuse Law against the child for hitting without any reason. The alleged suspect is presently detained at the airport facility but later be turned over to the Airport Police Investigation and Detective Service Office.

Source: Trending News Portal,ABS-CBN News
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