Camille Prats nearly slapped by Angelica Panganiban, Here's Why?

MARS- GMA's weekdays prime time show for mommies and by mommies. It is hosted by celebrity moms Suzi Abrera and Camille Prats. In the segment, Sharing group of MARS Camille shared that she hates that her underarm touches by any person. It was her childhood friend Angelica Panganiban that always touches her underarm.It was the one she hates most of touching her underarm. She saw Angelica in the mall wearing a sleeveless shirt that comes into her mind to have a revenge of what she hate most to touch the underarm of Angelica Panganiban.

It was a very big surprise to her, when she touch the underarm of Angelica, best friend that she reacted violently because she recognizes it was Camille that touches her underarm.She has nearly slapped the face of Camille on that moment when her childhood best friend touches her underarm.It was a funny and hilarious day for the two best friend.

But Camille discerns the moves of Angelica when she turns around and slapped her, but she quickly keeps off, so that her childhood best friend could not slap her.It was the day that she takes revenge to her childhood friend.She ended the conversation by telling the viewers that she hates touching her underarms and any part of her body near the underarm area.

Source: GMA Network,Trending News Portal
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