Chop-chop Body of Tourism Student in Trece Martires, Cavite Found in a Box

The residents of De Ocampo, Trece Martires, Cavite were troubled about the box thrown in a roadside yesterday morning.When the authorities (SOCO) open the box. it was found that it is body parts of a lady student cut into many pieces.the identification cards and other documents were recovered in the crime scene ant the victim was identified as Mitzi Joy Balunsay, a second year Tourism Student and academic scholar of Cavite State University. The father Jerry Balunsay was interviewed and he cannot accept the incident and he told that he loves his daughter very much and continuing crying during the interview.The auntie of the victim is requesting justice for her niece.

From the interview of ABS-CBN Reporter Dominic Almerol from the relatives of Mitzi Joy that she went to the school to enroll last Friday, and they receive a text from the victim's cell phone that she cannot come home and she will sleep with her classmate because the enrollment was not finished and her auntie doubted that it was not her.The suspect was immediately arrested, a 20 years old Alvin Delos Angeles.According to the investigation of the police authorities, the suspect was obsessed with the victim which was her groupmate in the theater group in the university.

The suspect admitted that he borrow the key to his friend's apartment and he plans the crime he had done, He strangled and killed the victim before raping her.He made this crime because she doesn't like to have a relationship again. he cut into pieces the body of the victim and he put in in one box the body parts.The suspect will be charge of rape with homicide.The advice of the victim's father was not to trust anyone that seems to be kind.

Source: ABS-CBN News
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