Alden Richards Father, Seems Targeting Someone On His Message on Twitter

Alden Richards is a very lucky son because of the support is given by his father Daddy Bae. He always defended by his father in every negative article and bashers that write negative issues against his son. Again Daddy Bae posts a message on his Twitter account " Yung turo ng magulang ko umimibabaw.." This message was so strong against the bashers and critics because AlDub Nation knows that the message of Daddy Bae is very true. Alden Richards is good and a kind hearted man.It is true that the Bible says" Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them" The kindness shown by his father was inherited by his son Alden Richards. And we will base from the recent interview of Lhar Santiago with Alden Richards that he has many good plans for his family, relatives, and Maine Mendoza.

The kindness of Alden Richards to his father, relatives, Maine and AlDub Nation and other people around him is not hidden. As a proof to this the AlDub Nation post on her Twitter accounts with hashtag #ALDUBGrateFulness posting " NA MAGING MABUTING TAO..KAYA C ALDEN MABUTING TAO DIN KASI NANGIBABAW DIN ANG TURO NYO SA KANYA."Not only with the words coming from the lips of Pambansang Bae that he is kind but especially from his action and works and how he treated the fans that supporting them.

Another fan supports the tweets of her fellow AlDub Nation posting" kill them with kindness sabi nga po ng kanta." It is true that it is better to give acts of kindness to the one doing bad things to you.Because a mature and intelligent people will make good things rather than bad things for his revenge. As the old saying of the Filipinos" Pag binato ka ng bato, batuhin mo ng Tinapay." means that any people doing bad things to you pay it with kindness so that he will realize his mistakes.

Source: Ron Sagun
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