Sen Delima was amazed on the strong words of Chief Bato against Sen. Escudero

The Senate Committee on Justice and Human rights held their committee hearing concerning the Extra-Judicial K*ll*ngs in The country. Sen Chiz Escudero warmly congratulates PNP Chief Ronald Bato Dela Rosa for his sincere, zealousness in fighting dr*g problems in the country.In the "operation Tukhang" of the PNP many surrenders including pushers and users all over the country which is history in the country that in any administration no multitude of pushers and users surrendered to the authorities but in this present administration of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. Sen Chiz asked the PNP chief if they make an affidavit to all "Operation Tukhang" surrenderees but the PNP Chief strongly replies that" defends how they classify the people who surrender if they can use the surrenderees for the prosecution of dr*g lords to have case build up against the dr*g lord will be taken with affidavit. So that they can use to file a case against the dr*g lords.

They did not arrest any surrenderees, but if there is standing warrant of arrest they will arrest but to the other surrenderees, they will give strict advice that they must not repeat the illegal works related on dr*gs and they are monitoring all the people who surrender in the "Operation Tukhang" of the PNP.PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa strongly reply Sen. Chiz Escudero that PNP is very kind to the Dru*g users and Pushers who voluntarily surrender that they did not file a case against them.

They did not file a case against them because it will discourage them to voluntarily surrender to the Authorities.But if they continue their illeg*al works it is time for them to file a case against the surrenderees.For the dr*g users if the government has enough facilities and rehabilitation centers.Sen. Leila De Lima was amazed to the answers of PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa. And Sen. Chiz Escudero really appreciates the zealousness and sincerity of the PNP Chief and he offers his support to him.

Source: Philippines Government
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