Donald Trump's Presidency changes the plans of Obama

The winning of President-elect Donald Trump against his political rival Hilary Clinton will change all his plans when his successor will assume his office.The plans of Obama will change from building on his legacy now he will defend it, rather than helping to develop the Democratic Party as the leader of the party he will rebuild it and he will find younger future leaders who can lead the Democratic party in the future. Rather than giving political advice to Hilary Clinton, he will have a complex relation with the new President. According to Cody Foster, a historian of the University of Kentucky "Obama's post-presidency just got exponentially more interesting,"

Upon the assuming of office of the new president. Cody Foster added" "Whereas he might have focused on building upon policies created during his administration, he must now defend his administration's legacy.Every policy, every veto, every word must now be carefully defended against an incoming leader eager to blindly press 'undo' on everything that Obama created. And President Trump can do that because he has a Republican Congress and is likely to have a more conservative Supreme Court."

The relationship between Barack Obama and Donald Trump will be closely examined. The new president frequently requesting from the former president for advice, support, and diplomacy so that he will not be criticized by the outgoing president. The outgoing President will find means of becoming anti-Trump but not to be recognized by the public that he is against the present administration.

In his year-end press conference, he's role after new administration will assume their office he will be the counsel and advice for the Democratic party to reach out the areas of the country that his political party mate doesn't work well. He added that his party " Democrats are characterized as coastal, liberal, latte-sipping, politically correct, out-of-touch folks." The out-going president told Axelrod that after the inauguration he will take some rest and have a vacation with his family " My intention on January 21 is to sleep, take my wife on a nice vacation."

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