EXO-Kai experiencing depressions during his ankle injury, Here's why?

EXO-Kai admitted some very surprising condition when he was injured his ankle in 2016.According to the interview of the Sports Seoul, a media outlet that Kai expressed his struggle and experiencing depression after the ankle injury last 2016. and because of this incident, he must take a break and rest and discontinued his promotions. His statement according to Soompi " Personally, [2016] is a year that still holds many regrets for me. I ended up appearing in a wheelchair in front of fans after severely injuring my ankle. I had to go through physical therapy and couldn’t properly dance, something I love to do. In addition, I was extremely stressed that I might injure myself again,”

The incident occurs during the concert tour of EXOPLANET #3- The EXOrDIUM" way back in July 2016. Kai experienced depression while he was forced to rest and take a break for almost five months for recovery from injury. He is not able to recover easily and overcome the depression because it was his hobby to dance and have an on-stage performance, but because of the injury, he doesn't enjoy the life he wants that makes him depressed in his injures condition in almost five months.

He is now very careful while under recovery and treatment for his injury and he is discouraged to return to practice because of his health condition.Even though his health condition is improving but it doesn't yet return to its 100% condition of his body. The K-Pop star is trying his best and working hard so that immediately he can return on stage to meet and entertain again his fans.

On the time that he has no schedules for shows and concert he practices dance for almost five hours before attending an acting class and proceeds to vocal training and late night he is returning to his home.n His co-members and fans were expecting in due time the K-Pop star Kai will immediately return to his 100% health condition and again perform on stage because there will be an Upcoming concert in manila titled " EXOrDIUM in Manila" on February 25&26, 2017 which was confirmed by Happee Sy a known K-Pop events organizer.

Source: YIBADA
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