Fastest and Safest Methods To Whitens Teeth That The Dentist Don't Want Them To Teach

Many people are concern about their teeth to whiten because it will make a virtual impact to the people you meet when you smile. A whiter teeth give you a youthful, vitality, happiness and warm appearance to the people you have meet. The whitening of your teeth can be done at home or in your dentist clinic using many methods and techniques and products. Your dentist did not teach us to know the technics, methods, and products to be used for fastest and safest way of whitening our teeth. To attain the whiter teeth you must go to basic dental hygiene by brushing your teeth every meal or three times a day to decrease and remove stains on your teeth.

The foods you should avoid foods and drink that cause tooth stain.
1. Coffee will cause yellowish teeth because it alters the PH balance in your mouth that makes the other tooth taking effect immediately.

2. Red Wine- drinking red wine on your dinner will stain your teeth. Abstaining for drinking of red wine will avoid your teeth to have stain and yellowish teeth.

3. Fruit Juices-mostly to all dark color fruit juices and also because of its acidic content will leave stains on your teeth.

4. Blueberries since it has an anti-oxidants there is a saying that a blueberries a day makes the doctor's away but for your teeth, it will keep the dentist closed to you.

5. Tomato Sauce it's very deliciously to eat foods with tomato sauce like spaghetti and baked macaroni.But the rich reddish color of tomato sauce will heavily stain your teeth. But you can avoid it by eating spinach and broccoli.

6. Lemons This is all apply for all the citrus base juices. It is a highly acidic fruit that removes your enamel that makes the other food to stain your teeth easier.

This food can be used to removes stains in your teeth.Apple cider vinegar is one that will help you a lot to whitens your teeth. It is an Alkalizing drink containing acidic substances that give the sour taste.

This is what you do to whitens teeth by using Apple cider vinegar, dilute 1/2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in one cup of water. It's very easy, you will gargle the mixture in the morning and brush your teeth after gargling the mixture. These are the foods you must avoid to eat to have a natural white teeth and food to be used to whiten your teeth.

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