Girl Was Bewitched By Her Ex-Boyfriend Because of Cheating

In this video, you will see a girl which was allegedly bewitched by his boyfriend because of cheating. There was a saying that love conquers all but in this video, the boyfriend did not conquer but give a terrible pain in his girlfriend because of cheating. The woman was loudly screaming because of pain when the faith healer)Albularyo) start checking and trying to cast out the witch spirit inside the body of the woman. Ka Benjo the faith healer who is trying to cast out the witch spirit are asking the name of the witch that cast spells on this woman screaming from pain. Ka Benjo uses a different spell, amulets, and secret prayer so that the witch spirit will cast out the body of the woman. it seems that the girl was tortured and screaming for pain, it is the method of the faith-healer speaking to the witch spirit to cast out the body of the victim.

He is trying to ask the reason of the witch spirit why he does this to the girl. It takes some time the ceremonial healing of the faith healer until the witch spirit mentions his name through the girl's mouth. The name that was mentioned by the girl that bewitched is the name of her boyfriend. From the faith-healer advises that the bewitched( Kulam) and barang are not treated in the hospital or by a doctor but by faith healer that is more powerful than the spells and magic of the witch.The torture and pain will continue until the bad spirit cast out of the body of the victim.

Ka Benjo is using a spell, amulets, and secret prayers to drive out the evil spirit that enslaving the victim. He has the authority to cast out any evil spirit and heals any bewitched person through his spells, amulets, and secret prayers. Some netizens are not convinced in the healing method of the faith healer but others believe that the girl was completely healed through the spell, amulets and secret prayer of Ka Benjo. It depends on the people who watch this video if he believes or not.

Source: TRENDING NEWS PORTAL,PinoyScoop Entertainment
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