Jessy Mendiola redicules Angel Locsin on her Instagram post, Here's why?

Jessy Mendiola again facing an issue about the intriguing Instagram post in her account.Recently she faces issue after winning the sexiest women for 2016 of FHM Magazine.And being a lover turned girlfriend after breaking up with Luis Manzano. Her post quickly gained negative comments from the netizen concerning the sickness presently experience by Angel Locsin.Her post was a girl wearing a wig compared to international artist Sia who is known for wearing wigs with a caption on her Instagram " The Greatest". The fans of Angel Locsin and bashers of Jessy Mendiola connects her post to the sickness encountered by Angel Locsin due to severe hair loss due to the mistakes of a leading salon for hair treatment of the actress.due to this severe hair loss she wears a wig in the TV shows but with a smile.Until now Angel Locsin doesn't tell the name of the Salon that makes for her hair treatment.

Angel Locsin is experiencing breaks down emotionally and physically after break ups with Luiz Manzano.The haters and bashers of Jessy Mendiola, exaggerate her Instagram post interpreting that her post was publicly insulting Angel Locsin about her sickness and to start a war between the two celebrities.The bashers and haters told that it is timely in her post that Angel Locsin is now suffering from severe hair loss.

The Angel Locsin's fans exaggerate the post of Jessy Mendiola that it was below the belt against their idol. They constantly throw shades which mean" as a phrase used to "publicly criticize or express contempt for someone".Until now Jessy Mendiola doesn't give any statement according to this issue about her post on the Instagram account.

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