Maine Mendoza's sister post negatively linking to Alden and Maine

Coleen Mendoza posts on her Twitter account that bashers, critics, and some AlDub Nation linked her message to the phenomenal love team. Her post on Twitter says" What isn't for us will always leave us. What is for us will be there to stay." Many AlDub Nation thinking that base on the post that Alden Richards is not the bet of Nicole for Maine Mendoza. So many negative issues are always linked to the phenomenal love team. Starting on the mystery girlfriend of Alden Richards, seconded by linking Maine Mendoza to the son of Vic Sotto Vico Sotto and now another issue about linking the message of Coleen negatively linked to the phenomenal love team.But some AlDub Nation thinks positively that the message of Nicole is not linked to Alden Richards and Maine but for her future special someone.

The tweets of Adela Fajardo positively responds to Nicole's tweets that they are praying for the happiness of her little sister Maine Mendoza.AlDub Nation always supports the phenomenal love team. Any negative issue linking to Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza will be defended by the AlDub Nation as they message to the phenomenal love team. Recently AlDub Nation calls the attention of their members that they must be positive this 2017 and always supporting the phenomenal couple.

The bashers cannot stop the AlDub Nation of supporting Alden and Maine because they will counter comments the bashers with positive comments and write-ups. Many AlDub Nation were not convinced that the tweet of Nicole is related and linked to the phenomenal love team. Because as a sister of Maine Mendoza she will be the number one supporter of Maine Mendoza and she will not post negative against her sister. It is only the bashers that linking the message of Nicole to the phenomenal love team negatively.

Source: Ron Sagun
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