Maine Mendoza's Younger Brother Clarifies His Tweets

Dean Mendoza clarifies his tweets so it will not be linked to his sister and Alden Richards.It is better that he clarifies his message on his post on his Twitter account. There are many bashers are linking and creating issues to the phenomenal love team. Maine's younger brother corrected his tweets " Correction sa tweet ko lol" she doesn't love me anymore" okay hahaha."Because if he will not correct his previous message again the bashers and critics will link the uncorrected message and create again negative issue against the phenomenal love team.Dean Mendoza may have some relationship problems and it is better for her sister that he clarifies the message.

Because for many issues encountered by her sister and also by Alden Richards.It will be a big help to the career of Maine and Alden the clarification so that there will be no additional issues will be created by the bashers. Aldub nation understands the situation of Maine's younger brother. The fans tweet positively and understand the younger brother by responding to his tweet that it's no need for him to explain his situation.

As they understand Dean, they thank him for the support given by him in the previous episode of Kalye Serye that he secure and protect Maine Mendoza from the aggressive crowd. They are thanking Dean, how he took care of her sister from the crowd against the aggressive man trying to harm his sister.AlDub Nation is also praying for Dean Mendoza love life as they comforting him saying there are many girls waiting for him.

Source: Ron Sagun
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