KathNiel "Unexpected Pregnancy" said by Tarot expert

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla has a negative prediction from a Tarot card expert Robert Rubin this 2017. During his guesting to the King of Talk Show Boy Abunda on his program" Tonight with Boy Abunda," Robert Rubin predicted that there will be an unexpected pregnancy to the Kathniel love team. It was unexpected because it is not planned according to the tarot Expert. Robert Rubin added " of course, pregnancy is still a beautiful thing,"

He showed to Boy Abunda the tarot card that symbolizes the pregnancy. Robert Rubin showing the card to the camera saying" " This is the pregnancy card, If it's right side up, it's planned. If it's upside down, it's hala! it's upside down, so if this came out in a reading for my clients, be smart about it."

Robert Rubin gives some warning and advice to Daniel saying"Daniel, unless you want to join the Ultimate Father’s Championship, be smart about it.” The king of Talk Show Boy Abunda requesting some advice from the fortune teller to the parents of Kathniel love team " Tell your Child to practice safe intercourse. Be smart about it".

It is the priority of the parents to always give advice and precautions to their children especially to the teenagers. The fortune teller added an advice to the Kathniel love team " Don't be careless, you have to plan. If you have to do certain precautions, go for it" But for the Kathniel love team they must be careful and focus on their career and be cautious.

Source: Journal Online
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