Kris Aquino Fell On The Stage Of GMA Supershow

It was the peak of the career of funny man Rene Requiestas and Kris Aquino.The two lovely host Maricel Laxa and Mariz, the wife of Ronnie Rickets call the two superstars on the stage to have some production number in the famous GMA Supershow. It was Kuya Germs birthday celebration and the two main stars of the movie Pido Dida will promote their upcoming movie at that time. As the two lovely host call the names of the main cast of Pido Dida Kris Aquino and Rene Requiestas they come immediately on stage. The crowds are screaming and clapping for the presence of Kris and Rene and no one was expecting for the unfortunate events that will happen on that birthday celebration of German Moreno.

The two stars come out of stage stepping both on the stairs but the stairs have covered with a white curtain. Kris Aquino and even Rene Requiestas did not notice that there is an opening on the stage with curtain covering. Suddenly upon stepping on the stairs going down to the main stage of the GMA Supershow Kris Aquino fell down directly on the hole of the stage.

It was the fault of the staff and management that arrange the stage and they did not inform that the stage has a hole between the three stairs. Rene Requiestas immediately help Kris Aquino and additional people come to the stage immediately assist Kris Aquino to go up and remove on the stage.Thanks for the immediate assistance of her partner Rene and other people to remove Kris Aquino on the stage where she fell.

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