Kris Aquino Answers The Issue Of Not Interviewing Alden Richards! Here's How?

Recently Kris Aquino thanks, Maine Mendoza for giving her a chance for an interview because it reaches his Facebook live with 1 Million views. And many are expecting that soon Kris Aquino will interview the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards same us with Maine Mendoza was interviewed by the Queen of All Media.This is the question of 'aldublyn' "bkt c alden dmo interview. dahl d sya rich. c maine rich." This question garnered many negative comments from the Netizen, that the person asking the question has no manners and she should ask nicely to Kris Aquino.

But even the question receives many negative comments from Netizen Kris Aquino answered it nicely and explaining through her post saying" omg sya ang una kong nakilala way back Dec 2013 in Eat Bulaga. Same management kami ni Maine so na coordinate. I'd love to feature his new restaurant & get to know him more."

The explanation of Kris Aquino gives the AlDub Nation a hint that it will come soon that Alden Richards will be interviewed by the Queen of All Media. From her explanation that she love to feature the new restaurant of Pambansang Bae and she wants to get to know more about Alden Richards. It is a good news to AlDub Nation and be patient to wait for the exclusive interview with the Queen of All Media with Pambansang Bae Alden Richards.

Source: Ron Sagun
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