Leni Robredo Humiliated in America. Here's the Video!

It was a very humiliating situation to the new Vice President of the country that she was called idiot in the "Land of the Promise" America.The reason is that of abusing her power why?, because why she is in America it is unofficial visit. The President must first visit the United States of America rather than the Vice President.It is unethical to the officials of the government and unconstitutional that she come to America with unofficial state visits with the expense of the Filipino-American citizen. And her visit to that foreign country has no connection to her position as the housing chairman of the present administration. As a public servant, it is unconstitutional to come to the foreign country not related to his official function as vice president and housing chairman of the government.

Remembering that the new President is very busy visiting the injured soldiers all over the country and solving many problems of the country while the new Vice President is visiting a foreign country without connection to her official function as Vice President and Housing Chairman. The groups that invited her and sponsoring the meeting was the National Federation of Filipino Americans Association(NFFAA) which was no connection to her functional office as a government official.

From the reporter's interview, his point was it is unconstitutional and unethical for a government official and against the protocol that the vice president has come first before the president to visit America and it is not an official visit.These are the reason why this government official was humiliated and called idiot in the foreign country she visited.

Source: James Parmis
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