Alden's old letter to his Lola Linda, What does his message to his grandmother?

Alden Richards is a loving son and of course a loving grandson as well. The proof for this is the old letter made by Alden Richards for his Lola Linda.From this old letter of Alden Richards that he is asking sorry to his Grandmother giving thanks for taking care of him and being stubborn as a child.And he promises to his grandmother that he will change his behavior. The AlDub Nation notices the handwriting of Pambansang Bae was cute and all in Capital letters.Another fan is thinking that Alden's letter is sincere coming from his heart as a child because it is all in capital letters.As the fan tweets and post on her Twitter account with hashtag #AldenAt25 That penmanship. clearly, state sincerity in capslock." The letter to his grandmother has no date so the AlDub Nation is puzzled when the letter was written and how old is he when he wrote this letter.

Maybe it was a New Year's Day because of his promise to his grandmother that he will change his behavior and he will not be stubborn and also he is asking for sorry. This message of love from Alden to his Lola Linda touches the hearts of AlDub Nation.As a little child, he has the time and effort to write a letter to his grandmother on that time. They are so sweet with their Lola Linda and shows that his parents Daddy Bae and Mommy Rio have good upbringing to their children.there is one basher comment to the handwritten of the Pambansang Bae, the handwriting is not the issue in this letter but the sweetness and how the two siblings giving thanks to their grandmother.

Since the two siblings are very young at that moment they wrote the letter to their grandmother. The AlDub Nation appreciates the memorable letter of Pambansang Bae Alden Richards to their grandmother that even in their young age they did not forget their Lola Linda. Compared to the children with their own age it is very rare to make a letter to their grandmother. To Alden and his sibling Riza, it was a sweet and loving message you had given to your Lola and it will be cherished by her in his life that you are a sweet and loving grandchildren.

Source: Ron Sagun
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