Lose Weight In 7 days? This Is How!

Asians considered to have the smallest body and still gaining extra weight. It's because of the western food that entering the country. Kindly check the following health advice and good eating habits to lose your weight in a week.The first part was from 1 to 10.Here's now the second part of losing weight in 7 days from 11 to 20.

1. Drink a hot tea half an hour before meal time. It will help in digesting foods easily.

2. Avoid frequent drinking of soft drinks, cold beverages, and cold water during eating your meals. Drinking soft drinks and cold water slows down the processing of foods in your stomach, so lessen your soft drinks and cold water intake during your meals.

3. Minimize of the use of condiments in preparing your dish and avoid putting the condiments in your tables to avoid more intake of condiments like fish sauce(patis), soy sauce(toyo)and salted anchovies(bagoong). because it enhance appetite to eat more foods and it causes water retention, an increase in blood pressure, and kidney ailments.

4. Drink natural juice like young coconut juice(Buko). Young coconut juice helps in cleansing the body and flush out the toxins that were accumulated by the body. Take young coconut juice every other day and it will help for treating urinary tract infection(UTI) and kidney stones.

5. Sweet potatoes and Tamarind must be included in your weekly food intake. It is good for snack food replacement. The tamarind helps and regulates bowel excretion. It has anti-oxidants to makes the body strong and cleanses the body.The sweet potatoes lessen the fat cells of the body.

6. Lessen sugary and starchy foods.It makes your body to quickly gain weight. Limits the consumption of white grains, white bread, and biscuits. And also for desserts, lessen eating of cakes, candies, donuts and chocolates. Mostly Filipinos like sweets, bread, and unlimited rice. But if you are decided to have a slim body, you must discipline yourself and have good eating habits.

7.Increase your protein intake in an everyday meal. The protein makes your body denser and provides enough energy for a day of activity. Start the day by eating eggs, especially the white part of it.Eating of an egg is proven to decrease weight and sustain enough energy to the body.

8.You must have enough sleep at night because a lack of sleep needs more energy to be consumed by the body. Have a moderate sleep time from 6-8 hours every night.

9.Stop eating chips and sweet delicacies. They are always present in our snacks at night and in watching TV and movies.These food has no enough nutrients and replaces it with fruits instead of chips and sweet delicacies.

10. Avoid eating foods in Fastfood chains. It was a habit of the fast food customers to eat combo meals. It is a heavy snack but it has a high sodium and fat content.

11. Avoid fried foods regularly, Asians like streets foods especially Filipinos, they are usually deep fried and you must avoid if not lessen eating fried foods. Chickens are very delicious when it is deep fried, but often eat another chicken dish like Chicken soup with papaya, stewed, or baked from the oven and turbo.

12. Replace the cooking oil used in the kitchen instead of Pork fat use virgin coconut oil or olive oil to be used in cooking foods and salads dressing.

13. Choose a more active way of spending spare time. Take your children, friend, or dog around. To have schedule jogging at the public park in your area. Try sports like table tennis, badminton, basketball, or volleyball. Increase your daily activities at home, clean your surroundings every day. Home Activities is an ideal way to reduce weight and make your body active.

14. Have a walking habit in your area and even going to work. Leave your cars and vehicles and take a walk and try to commute to burn fats and build muscles to your body.You must have an everyday exercise habit. Instead of using elevator and escalator inside the building try to use the stairs.
15. Discipline yourself by measuring food servings. Plan proper serving system and should only take a serving plate party or in a lunch meeting. Eat a small amount of rice, meat, vegetables, and soup, and not to coming back to take another serving of food.

16. Avoid drinking artificial food, always drink natural and fresh fruit juices.It is more healthy than soda and has more sugar content compare to fresh juices.

17. Ask family, friends, school mates and co-workers. Informing them that you are trying to lose weight and they can help you. Let them help you and remind you at mealtime. Furthermore, they respect the objectives and probably also reduce the food with you every time.

18. Have a meal replacement once a day. This work will definitely reduce the weight a week later. There are nutritional fruit shakes locally or imported with the complete content of vitamins and sustain the needed energy for the body.Take once a day instead of your regular meals.

19. Always eat breakfast regularly. Sometimes in a hurry and lack of time, forgetting the first meal in the morning that is very important. Give immediate initial energy and the body is more able to stand in between meal times.

20. You must take fat burning supplements that aid in fat burning in the system of your body. The capsules such as green tea, Garcinia cambogia, and more will helps in digestion of unhealthy fats.

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