Maid Beheaded in Nueva Ecija, Her Body Was Missing! Here's the Video

The beheaded maid was found in a rice field in Cabiao Nueva, Ecija identified as Maribel Alpas 31 years old. The body was not found in the area which is very horr*fying circumstances to the relatives of the victim.In the crime scene area, documents were found as the lead for the horrifying incident and include a document joint affidavit to a petition from her employer. Base on the documents found at the crime scene it was written that Maribel Alpas is the house helper of the couple Dennis Samson and Girlie Ann Samson which is base in Warrington, England. According to the Police investigator, the beheaded maid work as a nanny to their children from 2011 to present.The address of the employer of Maribel is in Sta. Rosa Nueva Ecija base on the joint affidavit found in the crime scene including the handwritten itinerary of Maribel and written was the activities of the victim last march 20, 2014 before she was found de*d.

Base in the itinerary it was written that she will go to Sta. Rosa Nueva Ecija and he will stop at a gasoline station in Mariano Highway and base on the CCTV footage of the gasoline station that she will be picked up by a multi-cab which is also base in the itinerary.There is a witness also saw a multi-cab before the victim's head was found in Sitio Dumanas Brgy. San Fernando Sur, Cabiao Nueva Ecija. The investigators believe that the driver of the multi-cab has the relation in the k*lling of Maribel.

On this lead, they start to investigate and go to the house of the employer of the victim and conduct investigation.They found out that an alleged Reginel Samson borrow the multi-cab van to El Cielo Valdez. Base on this circumstances the police request search warrant from Judge Luyon. The authorities search the house of Dennis Samson to check some evidence that will lead to the suspect. The authorities were shocked by what they saw. Until now the investigation is in the process. What's up for the updates on this case in SOCO of ABS-CBN.

Source: ABS-CBN News
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