AlDub Nation question :What's Maine Sweet Message and gift to Alden's Birthday Celebration

The holiday season thanksgiving and celebration has finished but for the AlDub Nation, the celebration is not yet the end. There will be another big celebration for the AlDub Nation it is the birthday celebration of the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards. Christmas thanksgiving and New Year celebration makes the people really excited but for the AlDub Nation, the Most exciting are after this celebration because they will celebrate the most awaited birthday of Pambansang Bae Alden Richards. All the AlDub Nation is very excited about this celebration as a proof, a tweet from one AlDub Nation tells the excitement of AlDub Fandom " EXCITED NA ANG BUONG PAGKATAO KO SA BIRTHDAY NI ALDEN!!!".They are not only excited for the birthday celebration of the Pambansang Bae but the sweet message of Kalye Serye Phenomenal wife Maine Mendoza to the birthday celebrant.This sweet message from the phenomenal wife makes the AlDub Nation really excited as they tweet their excitement through their twitter account with hashtag ALDUBWelcome2017 " Omg Can't wait For Birthday Sweet Message ni Mrs. Maine Mendoza Richard's Faulkerson Para kay Tisoy!"

In every birthday celebration, there will be a gift to the birthday celebrant. AlDub Nation is now thinking what is the gift of Maine Mendoza to the Birthday celebrant. The presence of Maine Mendoza on the birthday celebration of Pambansang Bae is the most exciting and important part to make the day of AlDub Nation complete.There will be a sweet kiss from Maine Mendoza when the birthday celebration will come? These are the mind blowing ideas that come from the mind of the AlDub Nation.

AlDub Nation was very excited for this four things to happen on the birthday celebration, the presence of Maine Mendoza, her sweet and loving message to Pambansang Bae, a meaningful and memorable gift and a sweet kiss. let's all wait what exciting event will happen on this birthday celebration of Pambansang Bae, we are all excited about it. Happy Birthday Alden Richards from the bottom of the hearts of AlDub Nation, have a long life and blessed years in the showbiz industry and wishing a success in your career.

Source: Ron Sagun
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