Maine Mendoza receives scratches from aggressive crown although Dean is beside her

Maine Mendoza was not with Alden Richards in Kalye Serye Segment of Eat Bulaga.In this episode of Kalye Serye, the crowd is so aggressive that they try to hold the arms and shoulder of the phenomenal star.Her younger brother, Dean Mendoza is to the rescue but it was not enough to secure and protect her from the crowd. Little brother tries to do all his effort to secure and protect Maine from the aggressive crowd but even the Rogelio's that securing her are not enough. AlDub Nation calls the attention of Eat Bulaga management and staff if they can add more securities to secure and protect Maine from this everyday situation in Kalye Serye. AlDub Nation is concern about the security of the phenomenal star, they see how the aggressive people in the Kalye Serye, intentionally hold the arms and shoulder of Maine. Another AlDub Nation members are asking why Alden Richards was not beside Maine Mendoza since he is only that can protect and secure the situation.

They notice that Maine Mendoza has some scratches in her shoulder that even Dean Mendoza her little brother saw the scratches done by the man who holds the arms and shoulder of the phenomenal star.many Fans argue the Eat Bulaga management what if worse than the scratches will happen, they can give assurance that it will never happen again.AlDub Nation tweets what she saw from the incident and asking the Eat Bulaga Management what if next time the worse will happen" Look what happened to her, Eat Bulaga! What if next time, di lang ganito? ano na?!."

Maine maybe doesn't notice the scratches but her younger brother Dean pointed out the scratches received by the phenomenal star.Even the panel of judges in Eat Bulaga Tito Sen, Vic, Joey and Allan K. were surprised on the scratches of Maine. It is natural to AlDub nation that some were irritated because of the circumstances that happen in Kalye Serye. It was the first time to happen to suffer from scratches the host of the Kalye Serye. Rogelio's and other securities are vigilant and alert to secure and protect Maine from the aggressive crowd.

Source: Ron Sagun
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