Maine, umiyak dahil sa Sugod-Bahay Winner

Maine Mendoza knows the hardship and situation of the Sugod Bahay winner. AlDub Nation knows very well that Maine is kind and good heart girl and it is not surprising that tears fall from her eyes because she understands the life of the winner.She feels what the poor people encounter in their day to day life and she was touch by the Sugod Bahay situation. Sugod Bahay winner sees the reality more clearly because it doesn't take good eyesight to be a good person.Not only the Sugod Bahay winner see the goodness and kind heart of Maine but all the people watching the Kalye Serye, The AlDub Nation, and all the fans that supporting the phenomenal love team. The bashers and critics did not see the kindness and goodness of Maine, so just look to this winner and you will be ashamed of yourself.

If the bashers and critics saw how Maine expressing his love to the people around her, they will realize that Maine loves the people and really understand their life situation.AlDub Nation tweets to the basher so that they understand the life and realize how it is wonderful to love and care for the people.This is how the people love the phenomenal star how they admire her and by touching her face expressing her admiration to the phenomenal star.And even in the serious situation Jose Manalo doesn't forget to make the people smile and happy.

The fan comment positively in this video " Maine Mendoza .. you really have a soft heart for the less fortunate. You seldom cry on TV not unless it really pinches your heart and touches you deeply. How can a woman like you who grew up with so well off family be so down to earth with humility to less fortunate? It is very true to this comment because it is very rare to see a celebrity to cry for the situation of a less fortunate people. Keep the down to earth character and the AlDub Nation always love you and support.

Source: Ron Sagun
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