Revelations of Alden and Maine this 2017, to strenghten their relationship

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza have many revelations in Eat Bulaga concerning their relationship and for their career. They exchange sweet and meaningful message to each other and it shows that their relationship has matured and evolved.Maine 's wish was that Alden's wish from God and aspiration in life will be fulfilled, always be happy and always remember the sweet and loving message of the phenomenal star to Pambansang Bae not to forget and always remember and cherished it.not always working all the time but take a break and enjoy life and she was always there.It was a very sweet and caring message from Maine. How about the message of Alden to Maine Mendoza.

Alden reminds their ups and down last year, even they don't have time but always remember that the caring will not change even he is from a far he will take care all the time and strengthen their relationship by this year and very thankful that Maine is always there for Alden even sometimes there are some misunderstandings.They are maturing in their relationship with their ups and downs and the best for their message is to make their relationship stronger and sweeter and they are always caring each other even they are a far.

The relationship of the phenomenal couple was tested by struggles and challenges and it reach the deep level of relationship and they are willing to fight and never give up.For the AlDub Nation unite to pray for the phenomenal couple to strengthen their relation and always caring for each other. Wishing the best and more blessings for the phenomenal love team.

Source: Ron Sagun
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