Mistress publicly embarrassed and assaulted by Husband's wife

There are many videos getting viral on the internet concerning mistress caught by the wife in the malls, hotel, and other places. this video which happens in Shanghai, China Netizens were upset that an alleged mistress was assaulted and ripping off her clothes in the middle of the road with a multitude of people are present and embarrassed publicly. The video start as the assault and harassment happened that a woman is a powerless woman that is being assaulted, harassed and remove her clothes in the middle of the road with lots of people are watching the incident.

In the entire video, the wife, and her friends are hurting the powerless woman by kicking, assaulting and yelling at the poor woman, which is to be the alleged mistress of the husband of the woman harassing the alleged mistress.Some of the bystanders are trying to stop the assault, kicking and ripping of clothes of the poor woman but they failed and the wife and her friends continue the humiliation.The bystanders and netizens who watch the video have different side and comments about the incident.

Some are commenting positively so that there will be a lesson to the alleged mistress not to continue her bad intention against the husband of the woman assaulting the alleged mistress. Mayshin2008 commented: that will teach her a lesson next time she thinks about sleeping with somebody else'husband. Chronos commented: Why would anyone intervene? This cunt deserves a beating. But others are upset and comments negatively that the wife has done a wrong thing. Mattdanielc commented: What a horrible society where it's acceptable for those women to physically and sexually assault her and yet nobody is intervening. So sad. It will be a big lesson to the cheaters to not steal one's husband or else she will suffer public embarrassment.

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