Nanay Dub Calling The Attention Of AlDub Nation

Nanay Dub is the number one fan of Maine Mendoza. She solidly support her daughter and for this reason, nanay Dub Call the attention of the AlDub Nation about her Facebook account. She clarifies the AlDub Nation thet her facebook account with her complete name was not her. She posted the clarification on her Twitter account" FYI. This is not Mine." The Facebook Account with her complete name Mary Ann Capili mendoza was not her and it is better for the AlDub Nation that they were informed because this will be used by the bashers, critics that will post a negative and bad article on this account. The immediate clarification of Nanay Dubs makes the AlDub Nation be aware if somebody will post a negative article on this account.

For all the AlDub Nation have a closer look at the profile and features of this fake account so that you will not misled by this bad tactics of the critics and bashers that makes negative issues to the phenomenal star. This account will be prone from negative article that would like to destroy the career of the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza.

Thanks for the vigilant AlDub Nation that recognized this fake Facebook account that will spread bad vibes and negative issues against Alden and Maine. For the the post of Nanay Dub many fans were inform about this fake account and it is good that it was recognized immediate that can warn all the AlDub Nation to be careful and not to believe and trust the post of this Fake Facebook account.

Source: Ron Sagun
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