OFW Complaint Against Overcharging Taxi Driver In NAIA Terminal 3

One OFW came from the Middle East was provoke when one Taxi Driver of NAIA Terminal 3 Airpot Taxi charges him very high compared to the regular price to be paid by a passenger. According to him, he rides in a regular Taxi lane going to Bicutan. The driver tries to take him in a longer route and after a while, the driver charged him Php 1,500 for the payment of the ride.He asked the driver if he has a Taxi meter but into his surprise, the taxi has no meter.He dropped out of the taxi and immediately report to the Mobile Patrol Security Unit.In the afternoon the alleged Taxi driver was arrested named as Ivan Incirto. The driver strongly denied the allegations and told the authorities that only Php 300 he charged to his passenger.

The alleged suspect will be charged with violating the Article 318 of the Revised Penal Code. Article 318 of revised Penal Code other deceits that any person who for profit or gain shall interpret or take advantage of the credulity of the public. According to Atty. Inton the driver took the advantage of the situation.They will also file charges to the LTFRB against the operator of the Taxi and plan to cancel the license of the driver.

According to the Police, many are filing complains to them but they did not continue because of the inconvinience to their work and business. But for Justine, he is decided to file the complaint because if he will not pursue the complaint again the alleged suspect will continue his ill*gal job.The victim gives advice to the other people if they were victimized by other irresponsible Taxi Driver, they must continue their complaint.

Source: ABS-CBN News
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