OFW In Saudi Arabia Bullied By Their Employer

OFW all over the world is considered by our country that they are the 'modern hero'. A hero that suffers different struggles in life, when they start working in the foreign country. The differences in languages and cultures are some of the struggles of the OFW, especially in the Middle East. Some employers know only their native language and they cannot speak in the English language that makes a problem in communication. Here is a video that some OFW are suffering from their employers. As we watch the video, the employer is forcing the new employee to work and asking the reason why he is not working.

The employer is insisting the Filipinos, that this is not their own country that you will be forced to work. The poor Filipino reason out to his employer that there is no vehicle to go to his job site. The employer is taking their resident permit(Iqama} together with other people who did not work because of no vehicles available going to their job site.

Other people around them was laughing at them that it is not good behavior to laugh on them because of lack of vehicle to go Jobsite for work.Some instances that other nationalities were envy and jealous to our Kababayans and they are complaining to their employers that they are not working but they know that Filipinos is sick.This is a wake-up call to all Filipinos who wants to go abroad, It is not easy to work in the Middle East you need to persevere and industrious to finish the contract.

Source: Yolanda Kimberly
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