OFW Woman Maltreated By Employer! Very Alarming to our Kababayan!

It was a very alarming video to all OFW especially the household service workers working in the Middle East. The employer is very angry with his household workers for the unknown reason. The OFW was begging to her employer not to hurt her but what a pity is that her employer is continuing slapping her with sandals. No one was helping him to stop the employer but the wife and all the children in the house are only watching the violent situation between the OFW and her employer. It was lucky that the incident was taken by a video of one in the house.In the video the employer after slapping him with sandals he continues to chase the poor OFW.

The maltreatment of the employer to his household service worker is very alarming to those who wants to work in the middle east especially in the Arab Nation. The OFW upon arrival in the foreign country must have constant communication with their loved ones in the Philippines. And by the social media as your medium of communication always updates your relatives and immediate family about your situation and your relation with the employer.

Most of the employer in the Arab Nation are very strict, some are not allowing their household service workers to have mobile phones and it will be a disadvantage to the OFW to communicate with their relatives in the Philippines. Our Kababayan's must be smart to hide their mobile phones that in case there will be maltreatment from the employer you have the chance to report to the embassy authorities that will help and assist in a filing case against the employer's violation of maltreating his employee.

Source: LaughTimePH
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