OFW's husband and daughter commit suic*de inside their house

It was a sad event to know that a husband of an OFW was found dead inside their house 5 days before the Christmas day in Butuan City, according to the police.The husband of OFW is named Raymundo Bugato together with his 9 years old daughter lifel*ssly hanging in the blanket around their neck in Brgy. Sto NiƱo, Butuan City.The Police investigation team did not found a foul play on the incident and the family declined to an aut*psy of the bodies of the victims.The daughters and sister of the victims told the investigator that they have been under deep depression which leads the husband and daughter of an OFW to have a suic*de.

The sister of the victim Jovie Bogato was distressed when his wife left him and work in Kuwait.Before the incident happens, he told to his brother that he will live only for this month and bring his two children to his parent's house. The victim spent the money sent by his wife through g*mbling and drinking liquor his sister told the police.

According to the Butuan Police Station that it has been 6 suicide cases recorded in the area of jurisdiction of Butuan City Police Station 4 which covers 24 barangays out of 86 in the city this year only. According to the World Health Organization(WHO) last 2012, the country is in 150th place out of 170m countries in terms of suic*de rates. The country's suic*de rate according to (WHO) was 2.9% with a population of 100,000 meaning that 2900 commits suicide out of 100,000 people in the country.

A NON-Governmental Organization(NGO) is dedicated to helping those with suic*dal tendencies named " Natasha Goulbourn Foundation" aims to listen to any individuals with suic*dal tendencies. Check the website to ask help and they will listen to your problems and suic*dal tendencies.

Source: ABS-CBN News
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