OFW's Terminal fee will be remove by March 2017

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) around the world are paying a terminal fee through the Airline tickets. The terminal fee was charge from the airline tickets bought by the OFW in their respective country they are working. There is a good news for the modern hero of our time that starting in March 2017 all the OFW will not pay the terminal fees that was charged when the tickets were bought in the airline ticketing office and online purchased. The good news was announced by the new General Manager of the Manila International Airport Authority(MIAA) Ed Monreal last month at a news forum at the Manila Hotel in Manila.

This was imposed by the previous administration of the airport management of Ninoy Aquino International was imposed that anyone who buys airline tickets from the airline ticketing office or online purchased there will be additional Php 550 as charged for the terminal fee.

The management of Manila International Airport Authority is now coordinating with the international airlines to remove the fees almost two months from now. Presently OFW leaving the country can refunds at the airport the additional charges are given by the international airlines when they return to the country they are working. The total collections of the airport management totaled to almost billion pesos.

The half of this is the money not refunded by the OFW leaving the country because they are in a hurry that they don't have the time to refund. At the time they are leaving the country and others are not aware of the refunding policy of the airport management. Mr. Monreal had announced that OFW who doesn't refund their past terminal fees can collect the said fees by showing their e-tickets, passport and boarding pass even it was from the past years.

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