Sharlene San Pedro Pass Out In The Midst Of Her Video Blog! Here's Why!

Sharlene San Pedro of the known children Funny Show "Going Bulilit" has passed out in the middle of her video blog. The graduate of "Going Bulilit Show" made her video blog about her blood testing. She focuses the camera in all her companions including Miles Ocampo, Ate Isay and also the nurse that will take blood from her to be tested later. Before taking some blood from her she gives some message if she will pass out. The nurse is squeezing her finger to take some blood. After a few seconds of taking blood from her, she suddenly passes out. Immediately the nurse, her friend Miles Ocampo and her other companion help her to return to her chair.

Her companion is expecting that she was only joking but suddenly it is a surprise to them that after a few seconds of taking some blood from her he suddenly passed out.The blood testing of Sharlene was discontinued because of the incident that she passed out. After the recovery of Sharlene, they go only to eat some nutritious foods together with her companion.

The sudden passed out of Sharlene causing her to be afraid of seeing blood is called Homophobia meaning that is an abnormal and persistent fear of blood. Sufferers of this very common phobia dread the sight of their own blood.The Video Blog ended by Sharlene that she will not release the video because it is shameful that the people will watch the video. For Sharlene, next time be careful and let someone assist you not to see the blood coming out from your body so that the incident will not be repeated.

Source: WhatsUp Pinoy
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