Shocking Reason Why Angel Locsin Is Always Wearing A Wig? Here's Why!

Recently, Angel Locsin was seen in her new look of wearing a wig. Many fans notice that the ABS-CBN star always wearing a wig for the past few days and the people are curious what is the reason why she was always wearing wigs. And if she was not wearing a wig she replaces it with a sporting cap. There was a news spreading that she was wearing a wig because she is suffering severe hair loss due to the mistakes of one leading salon on her hair treatment. The other fans and people notice that she was not always in the spotlight and hiding from the people. Because of not attending the ABS-CBN Christmas Special that all the celebrities of this TV Network were all present to entertain the people supporting the said TV Network.

Not only for the Christmas Special, she doesn't attend but also in one of the primetime series titled" FPJ's Ang Probinsyano" cast by Coco Martin. There is some rumor that the ABS-CBN star hair was shortened by 2 inches. If this news is true that she was suffering from severe hair loss, we are hoping for the fast recovery of the ABS-CBN star and she can appear in the show even with her wig because she is still pretty wearing a wig.

The post of Jessy Mendiola, the present girlfriend of Angel Locsin's Ex-boyfriend Luis Manzano about the picture of a wig on her Instagram with a caption" The Greatest" coinciding with the international celebrity Sia with her famous song "The Greatest" Which is known for always wearing wigs on her show. And this post of Jessy Mendiola was linking her to mock the ABS-CBN Stars Angel Locsin because of suffering severe hair loss and always wearing a wig.

Source: WhatsUp Pinoy
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