Varicose Vein Problem? Try These Natural Ingredients Mixtures It Will Helps You

It is a problem nowadays affecting hardworking people about the varicose vein. What is varicose vein? We should know about this, according to the "Mayo Clinic Staff" Varicose vein is enlarged vein. Thre most commonly affected veins are those in your feet and legs. It's because they the lower part of the body that carrying all the loads of the body by walking upright increases the pressures that cause varicose vein.At the start of the varicose vein are treated normally by hot compression method by wearing compression stockings. When the condition comes to worse health problems appears such as painful inflammation, the heaviness of the legs and swelling.

These health problems was accompanied by spider veins and dilated capillaries that makes the condition to become worse. As we experience the inflammation and hard flow of our blood in our vein, the best solution to sooth inflammation and smooth blood flow is a natural ingredient garlic.It has a medicinal benefit that breaks down the toxins in the body and helps to eliminates through our body excretion.

These three natural ingredients mixture will help you to fight against varicose vein.
1. Olive oil 1 table spoon
2. Orange juice 1/2 glass
3. garlic cloves grated fine Just mixed this three natural ingredients and let stay for 12 hours before applying to the affected areas.

Apply them on the areas affected by varicose veins by slow circular motion continuing applying until the mixture is absorbed by your skin in the area affected. Use a warm towel or medical bandage to wrap and cover the area that you have previously applied and remained for 15 minutes and you will experience a soothing relief on the areas affected. always do the procedures as many as you like when needed.

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