Vice Ganda admits he fell in love with Jhong Hilario

For the past 7 years of the famous noontime show 'It's Showtime", the group was intact with original host headed by the unkabogable star Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario, Billy Crawford, Anne Curtis and Karylle Tatlong Hari-Yuzon. They face many issues in the past years but the group still remain very close to each other. And still the famous noontime show soars high its rating competing with the other noontime show from the rival TV Network. There was a shocking confession from the unkabogable star that surprised and shocked his co-host in the noon time show including the fans after confessing that he fell in love with his co-host Jhong Hilario.

In the show, they are always teased and tempted that the two host has in a relationship but it was strongly denied by the unkabogable star. It was been a rumored that they have a relationship but the latter told that it was prohibited that they will be together during that time. Jhong Hilario is confident that he will have a relationship with Vice Ganda and he is starting to build a house for them but it was prohibited so the relationship was discontinued.

But for Jhong Hilario he told that he wants to be very close friends with Vice Ganda because there is a time that their friendship will be developed and turn to have a true relationship and expecting the time will come.Their conversation makes the crowd laugh and happy for their story of a discontinued and prohibited relationship. The video gained many reactions from the netizens and it reaches up to 19 k of views.

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