Vic Sotto's son Vico denies speculation linking him to Maine Mendoza romantic relation

After the issue of the "mystery girlfriend" of Alden Richards now comes with another issue to Maine Mendoza.The AlDub Nation reacts on this negative write ups against the phenomenal star. AlDub Nation directly defends the phenomenal star against to the columnist who makes the negative write-ups. She tweets with hashtag #ALDUBEndOf2016 "@salveasis do u expect ADN to sit around & do nothing w/ the false write up? FYI Vico denied the issue noon pa."From this video, you can see the message of Vico Sotto denying the issue through his post on his Twitter account last July 27, 2016 " Statement on the issue: the issue is when people have no issue about making an issue where there is no issue. #tissue." It was very long time ago it was denied by the son of Vic Sotto, Vico sotto strongly denies the speculation linking him to the phenomenal star.

The columnist Salve V. Asis of Pilipino Star Ngayon made this write ups and told that ADN is violently reacting on the issue of entertainment columnist Ricky Lo. This was part of her write ups "Though bayolente ang fans ng magka-loveteam at todo ang natanggap na pangba-bash ni Tito Ricky Lo na unang nagsulat tungkol sa sinasabing mystery girl ni Alden." Clarifying the situation of AlDub Nation they are only defending the phenomenal love team from false and negative write-ups and it is not a violent behavior but only showing their solid support to the phenomenal love team.

AlDub Nation responds to the write-ups of Salve Asis why Ricky Lo got some negative reactions from AlDub nation is because" @salveasis And if Ricky Lo got some negative reactions about his article it's bec he used a 2015 photo of Bela maliciously." For the AlDub Nation, they are ready to defend the phenomenal loveteam to the negative write- ups of bashers and critics because they know the truth and updates concerning the phenomenal love team.

Source: Ron Sagun
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