Why Daniel Padilla was not with Kathryn Bernardo last Christmas Day? Karla Estrada Revealed!

Every morning these three lovely moms make us happy and to smile every day. Karla Estrada, Jolina Magdangal and Melai Cantiveros the host of famous morning Talkshow " Magandang Buhay" shared experiences this holiday season which they enjoy so much with their family and loved ones. Each host shared their happy moments they enjoy this holiday season. They start the show with a positive message that it is very inspiring to start the job on the first Monday of 2017 with cheers and scream of happiness together with the audience at the studio. Melai started the sharing that they spent their Christmas day at the hotel because it is not possible to her to travel so they spent the day in the Hotel with her Family.

Jolina shared that her family was busy transferring to the new house starting Dec. 22 and they are in a rush preparing Christmas decoration to her new house.And at the day of Christmas, they fully transfer all their belongings to their new house. What a remarkable day of transferring to the new house of Jolina Magdangal. The two co-host congratulated Jolina Magdangal for her new house.And someday they will visit their new house with his two co-hosts.

Karla Estrada spent her Christmas together with all her children and by new year they will celebrate together with their father. She explained that Kathryn Bernardo was not with them because she has a family enjoying the Christmas day.But Daniel Padilla goes to Kathryn Bernardo's house but unfortunately the girl was not in their house. The three host of Magandang Buhay ended up their message to the viewers that the importance is that the family are complete and healthy.

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