Woman Arr*sted By Video Recording Of "Mang Kepweng Returns"

The new movie of Vhong Navarro is already showing in movie Cinema all over the country. It was a sad news that a woman was arr*sted because she was caught taking video recording through her cellphone inside movie cinema in one mall in Taytay Rizal. According to the reporter April Rafales of ABS-CBN, the woman together with his child was caught taking a video recording of some scene of the movie " Mang Kepweng Returns" which is violating the " Anti-Camcording Act of 2010.

From the investigation of the police, by checking her cell phone, it was found out that there is a video recording of some part of the scene of Vhong Navarro's Movie lasting for 15 minutes.The woman was identified as Vina Calaguin, and she admitted that it was unintentional, she wants only to prove to her husband that the money he gave was use to watching in a movie theater.

The producer of the Vhong Navarro's movie Michelle Diolala of Cineko Productions Inc., immediately come to the Police Station and see the suspect. Even though she is a pity on the situation of the suspect, she did not spare her because she must protect the interest of the film industry, his company and other movie producers like her engaged in the movie industry.

The inquest of the alleged suspect is scheduled today, January 6, 2016. According to the lawyer of the Cineko Productions Inc, The penalty for the violation of Anti- Camcording Act of 2010 is worth Php 750,000 and impris*nment of not more than six years and one day.The government now is very strict against pir*cy of the movie and it is a warning to the public as the sample of this incident.

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