OFW Sends Balikbayan Box to his Family! When it is delivered in his house he was shocked ! Here's Why?

It is the happiness of all OFW by sending a balikbayan box to their family and relatives. And every Balikbayan box sent was with full of love and hard works of the OFW. It took many months to fill this box in every salary they are saving some money for this so that in due time it will be full and immediately send to the families and relatives. Each Balikbayan box sends by OFW are very meaningful and important to OFW because it is the request of the family and relatives in every conversation they made. A Balik Bayan Box Sender named Rey Abao Barcos post his sentiment of what happen to the one he sends in his loving country Philippines and expecting that it will be a better service and complete box will be received by his family. His sentiment went viral in the social media and posted it on his Facebook account.

This is his sentiment posted on his Facebook account:
"Dear Makati Express Cargo, Maraming salamat dumating na yung package ko. This is the first time I sent a package to my family and it took me half a year to fill it up. I trusted your company because I thought you have a better service than LBC. I even promote you to my friends because your pick-up service was fast and efficient. I sent my box with full of love and hard work. How dare you steal some of it. Maayos ko po pinadala yan, yung inabot nyo sa pamilya ko nag mukhang BASURA. This is very unacceptable, I filed a complaint and nobody is addressing it. Let this post be heard!!! Sa lahat ng may mga kamag anak na OFW, please warn them at para matigil na kalokohan na to. Ang box po na to ay hindi lng puro mga padala ang laman, puno po yan ng pag mamahal at sikap para mapuno. Nakakalungkot na sa unang pagkakataon na nagpadala ako ay ganito pa ang nangyari. Yung pinaghirapan mo nanakawin ng mga taong kuntento sa pagnanakaw ng pinag hirapan ng iba. It is very distasteful that your page is only showing the boxes which arrived safe and sound, but nevertheless you failed to response and giving me an option to compensate the damages you have done. Thank you for the worst service."

According to Barcos, it was the first time that he sent Balikbayan box package to his family. He spent almost 6 months to fill the balikbayan box. He selected to send a balikbayan box through "Makati Express Cargo" because he knows that they are offering better service compared to the other cargo service. But unluckily it happens what he doesn't expect that his balikbayan box delivered to his family house has a big hole at the side. The box looks like a garbage that was overused indicating that there is someone steal some belongings inside the baggage.

Barcos was very discontented about the incident concerning how they manage the shipment of his balikbayan box. He filed a complaint and until now there was no response from the Express cargo Company. Even the netizens who see the post of the sender was disappointed and shared their sympathies over the sender's discontentment on the incident. Other netizen shared their experience that it also happen to them but there is no action taken from the company. Other commenting that maybe there is another purpose why it is posted. For the Makati Express Cargo company please take action on this incident.


Caught on Cam: OFW Rumble With Other Nationality, Watch this Video!

Overseas Filipino Workers faces many different struggles in the foreign country they are working. Problems encountered in the site for the construction workers, in the office for the for the office personnel and with co-workers with the domestic helpers. Mostly expatriates face their problem because emotionally because of homesickness, missing relatives in the country of origin. Sometimes there are some misunderstanding between fellow workers and household service workers same with this video who fight against her fellow household workers. In this video, they are shouting at each other that the other nationality calling her a bad person. This video did not indicates the root of their fighting but at the start, they are shouting at each other.But the OFW is trying to defend herself by also shouting with another nationality.

There are one fellow household workers in between them try to stop the fighting but the other nationality doesn't stop to shout at the Pinay OFW. Until that the OFW got mad because of accusing her of stealing something. Then the commotion starts that the two different nationalities start to fight by holding the hair of the other nationality tightly hold by Pinay OFW. Thanks to the other fellow household workers that they stop the fighting.

But the Pinay OFW was very mad shouting with bad words to the other nationality. This was some problem and struggles encountered by OFW in the foreign country. Even the language barrier and culture shock since they associate with other nationalities with different language. It is sad that some of the fellow household workers in the video are shouting to intensify the anger of the Pinay OFW. Once you come to the foreign country you must have patience and perseverance and self-control to avoid an incident like this. Because the laws in the Middle East is different compared to the Philippines.

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Inspiring Message from Ate Nikki "Ate Dub"

Recently Ate Nikki posts a message on the Twitter about her deep and meaning ful message to her younger sister Maine Mendoza.It is now again another message that was posted by Ate Nikki on her Twitter account but this is not the same compared to her previous post.It was a good and inspiring message that shows her kindness on this post' She posted" And indeed it will be so much better if you fill your heart with peace. Bat parang ang bait ko today? Anmeron? this post of Ate Nikki receives a positive reply from AlDub Natio with hashtag #ALDUB79thWeeksary " Spread the LOVE ate niki. Spread the LOVE...

It is better to have positive mindset so all that happens in the day to day life will be positive and happy.It is true that the life will be easy if your heat is full of peace in your heart.Because if the people have peace in their heart any problems she encounters for the whole day will be very easy to solve and find the solution to solve it As replied by AlDub nation with hashtag #ALDUB79thWeeksary Mas magaan ang buhay pag ganun ate Dub hehe."

Even in the business, it will be happy and convenient if everything was okey.And it is true the message of Ate Nikki if it will be applied in our daily life. Life will be better if you fill your heart with peace.It is very inspiring and good vibes this message of Ate Nikki and AlDub Nation is wishing that many messages will be posted by Ate Nikki to inspire the AlDub Nation.

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Tito Sen Shows his Super Love With Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza!

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza was very much love by AlDub Nation ,her family, co-host in Eat Bulaga and the one that shows much love to the phenomenal love team was Tito Sen.In the recent conversation with the phenomenal star with Tito Sen she explain when the famous British Rock band Coldplay will have a concert in Manila on April 4, 2017, at SM Mall of Asia. Tito Sen asks the phenomenal star where the Coldplay will stay during their concert. Maine jokingly answered Tito Sen that they will stay in their house.Tito Sen jokingly answered Maine Mendoza that he will go early in the morning together with the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards to Maine's hose to severely beat the Coldplay star.

This answer of Tito Sen shows how much he love the phenomenal love team that no other person will be involved in their relationship.But Maine Mendoza request Tito Sen and Alden not to do bad things against the Coldplay.Maine understands that it is the only joke for Tito Sen that he would like to show his much loved to the phenomenal love team. AlDub nation was very happy and enjoy to the reaction of Tito Sen with the Coldplay.

The love of Tito Sen to the phenomenal love team was appreciated by AlDub nation commenting on her social media account saying" kakatuwa si Tito Sen talagang boto kay Alden para kay Maine love nya talaga ang ALDUB thank you Tito Sen for loving Alden and Maine napakasupportive nyo po God bless you and your family." This is how the AlDub Nation appreciates the love of Tito Sen to the phenomenal couple. Tito Sen Thank you very much for the love and support you have given to the phenomenal love team.

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Ate Nikki Has Caught On Her Camera But There Is Disclaimer! Here's Why?

Recently Ate Nikki posted on her Twitter account a very inspiring message. Another message was posted by Ate Nikki but it is about his life and not about Maine or about AlDub Nation. This is Ate Nikki's tweet" I see you. several times. Already. Hulicam!(Hindi aldub. My life ito hahaha)." This message was immediately clarified by Ate Nikki because she knows that again the bashers and hanash will make negative issues against the phenomenal love team.AlDub Nation understand how the bashers and critics of the phenomenal couple give another color and meaning of every post of Ate Nikki to give negative impact against the phenomenal couple.

It is better that Ate Nikki clarified it immediately and explain on the social media that the message she posts is about her life. Because if she will not explain and clarifies her post again the bashes and critics will link this to the phenomenal love team.They know that the bashers and critics have a colorful mind to write negative write ups against the phenomenal couple if Ate Nikki will not explain and clarifies her message.

This is a rare message from Ate Nikki because her message has disclaimer that the message was not concern about her young sister or with Alden but concerning her own life.It is better that the message of has a disclaimer because every post of the relatives and friends of the phenomenal love team was connected and linked by the bashers and critics.It is a very good tactics of Ate Nikki against the bashers and critics that she is careful because she knows that basher is always looking for mistakes.

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Tricycle and Car Collision Was Caught In Dash Cam Video! Here's Why?

The car with a dashcam was traveling going down the Sumulong Highway in Antipolo suddenly an unexpected accident happen caught by the car dashcam in the curve area of the highway. Base on the dashcam from the owner of the car the tricycle is out of his line crossing the double yellow line and crashed into the car. The car tries to breaks but the tricycle is very fast and the breaks cannot stop his car.Since the car that was crashed by the tricycle has a dashcam it was easily documented all that happens in the accident and shows also the impact of the accident.The driver of the tricycle because of the great impact, he disappears from his seat and thrown away into the highway. The driver of the cars was shocked and sighed because of the incident.

The driver permitted the GMA News Reporter to watch the dashcam video but requesting them not to identify their identity on the report because they have already an agreement between the two party. But according to the PNP Highway Patrol Group, it is clearly that the tricycle driver has the mistake in the incident because of his fast driving and cross the yellow double line on the highway which is prohibited by to overtake on that line.

According to the police of the Republic Act 4136 or Land Transportation and traffic Code of the Philippines that the tricycle is prohibited from traveling in the main roag or highway. The police added that the vehicles that are traveling in Sumulong Highway are very fast and you cannot clearly see them. For the drivers always follow the traffic rules and regulation and be an offensive driver to avoid an accident like this.

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Patient, Died Because The Doctor Allegedly Doesn't Pay Attention On Him ! Here's Why?

A family complaint against the doctor for not attending immediately his father in one hospital in Trece Martires Cavite.The incident happens in Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Memorial Hospital in Trece Martirez, Cavite.According to Joseph Custodio, his father died last Jan. 14, 2017 inside the emergency room of the hospital because of the alleged not immediately attending on his father. He repeated ask help from the doctor to attend and check his father for experiencing chest pain but the doctor doesn't listen to him.According to joseph from the interview of ABS-CBN reporter Kori Quintos " Ikaw alam mo ang kulit kulit mo kung nagmamadali ka, lumabas ka, ilipat mo o kaya iuwi mo."

The patient together his relatives wait for almost 1 hour and when the patient cannot bear the pain he stumbles and it is only the time that they give attention to the patient but after some time, he died.On the resentment of Joseph Custodio, he posts the incident on his social media account that garnered thousands of shares and views.The reporter tries to contact and conduct an interview with him but they cannot contact the doctor.The family goes to the investigating committee of the Cavite Provincial Health Office to investigate the incident.

According to Dr. George Refique Jr., Medical Director of the Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Memorial Hospital, many patients were attended by the doctor which is more critical condition than the patient.Dr. Refique added that upon the ongoing investigation, the doctor is on preventive suspension. The Custodio family is decided to file a complaint against the responsible on the incident.

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Husbands Hidden Camera Caught His Housekeeper Doesn't Steal But He Was Shocked! Watch This!

This video went viral in the online community and social media af her husband posted this video in the social media. And you will be surprised and shocked what the camera has caught in this video. Many people are installing hidden cameras and CCTV cameras inside and outside their house for security purpose, to ensure the safety and security of their properties and personal belongings. But the husband doesn't expect what the hidden camera he installed has caught. After he saw the content of the hidden camera he installed, he was very mad and uploaded it on Youtube. From the video uploaded it shows that the husband is preparing to go to his work and he is giving instructions to his housekeeper, that he is doubtful that she was stealing something. Before the husband left the house he kissed his wife and say goodbye and went out for work.

He doesn't have any knowledge that his wife has a relationship with their housekeeper.When the time that her husband left the house, they first check if the man is gone by looking into the door and the housekeeper and the wife immediately embraced and kissed with each other and continue what they supposed to do. The husband was very mad when he sees the content of the hidden camera he installed inside his house and without any hesitation, he uploaded it on Youtube.

After his uploading it went viral and social media users and netizen shared their beliefs and emotion on the video they watched.It garnered so much attention in social media community, channels and websites and many has reblogged the video and story. For the husband and wife be faithful to your spouse because there is no secret that will never expose and you will face consequences in the near future.

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Alden Richards New Look is "Talk Of The Town" In Social Media!

AlDub Nation is very excited about the upcoming TeleSerye 'Destined To Be Yours'. The taping of the primetime slot Teleserye is now ongoing. The character role of Alden Richards in the much-awaited TeleSerye is an Architect.the new look of Alden Richards as an architect with glasses is the talk of the town in the social media. The post of AlDub Nation member posts the photo of the Pambansang Bae wearing a glasses on her Instagram accounts.many positive responses flooded the social media Instagram and Twitter that the new look of the Pambansang Bae really excites them for the upcoming 'Destined To Be Yours'.

He will portray the character of architect Benjie. Since it is the talk of the town in the social media many fans and supporters are now waiting when it will be the start of the much-awaited TeleSerye. As they saw the post on the Instagram of Alden Richards as Architect Benjie, the people feels more excited and curious about the upcoming primetime slot TeleSerye of the GMA TV Network.

As the AlDub Nation promises to the phenomenal love team that they will make history when the 'Destined To Be Yours' will be shown to the public.When the people see the photo of Alden Richards as Architect Benjie almost majority tells that he is very handsome and hot on his upcoming role in the TeleSerye.This is the first time that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza together in the TeleSerye as the dreams of all AlDub Nation Members.

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Maine Mendoza Surprised Alden Richards On His Post Birthday Celebration!

After the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards entertaining the Kapuso Fans in Cebu City celebrating the Sinulog festival.He goes directly to the post celebration of his birthday. It was a simple and meaningful post birthday celebration was prepared for the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards.Alden Richards was surprised by his phenomenal love team Maine Mendoza in his post Birthday celebration together with his close friends. Many celebrities that attend his post-birthday celebration were Kris Bernal, Bea Binene, Kristoffer Martin, Joyce Ching, Rodjun Cruz and Gerald Napoles. GMA Films President Annette Gozon and GMA First Vice President for Program Management Joey Abacan were also present in the said event.Not only his close friends and Maine Mendoza surprised him but also his Fans Club AlDenatics.

Base in the 24 Oras interview "Kasi 'pag ganitong parties minsan involved ako eh sa planning, involved ako sa works. Pero ngayon, wala along idea kaya nakaka-tense eh.". The surprise post birthday celebration was completed when his phenomenal star Maine Mendoza arrived in the event.Fresh from the Queen City of the South Maine Mendoza give Alden a gift to her leading man and she keeps a secret of what the gift she gave to the Pambansang Bae.

She wish that Alden must be happy in this event because it was his birthday celebration. Finally she added about his wish to his phenomenal husband of Kalye Serye " Sana po maging successful at maging maganda po ‘yung outcome ng magiging soap namin ni Maine, and more projects for us. 'Tsaka, good health. Number one, good health." It was a good wish from the phenomenal star for the post-birthday celebration of Alden Richards.

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Alden Richards reveals to AlDenatics That Maine Mendoza Is Waiting For Him In the Taping!

Alden Richards was very loved by the fans in one festival he attended.Many supporters are beside him before going to taping he say goodbye to all his fans club AlDenatics.Upon saying goodbye to AlDenatics he reveals that the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza is waiting for him for a taping on their upcoming TeleSerye 'Destined To Be Yours'. Alden says to the crowd" Kailangan ko na pong umalis kasi hinihintay na po ako ni Maine doon sa taping. kaya pasensiya na po ako di na ako makapag stay ng matagal. Salamat po once again Good Morning and happy Sikaya festival". The revelation of Alden Richards receives a positive response from AlDub Nation and all supporters.It was a very good news to the AlDub Nation that they want to hear that Alden is mentioning the name of the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza.

Because for the fans he is giving importance to his phenomenal wife when mentioning her name.They love to hear from Alden the name of Maine Mendoza from him so that the hanash will stop questioning their relationship as the phenomenal love team.For the AlDub it was a good vibe in the morning before saying goodbye to the fans telling the crowd that Maine Mendoza is waiting for him in the taping.

They love when Alden Richards the way he says the name of his only girl Maine. It is very sweet to hear and romantic to pronounce the name of Maine Mendoza by Alden Richards because in this situation the AlDub Nation feels the importance of Maine Mendoza to Alden Richards. To Alden have a safe travel going to the taping of the upcoming TeleSerye' Destined To Be Yours'.

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Alden Richards And Matteo Guidicelli Joint Forces In One Project!

Pambansang Bae Alden Richards and Fil-Italian ABS-CBN Actor Matteo Guidicelli makes a selfie together on the Instagram. They are together in one project is for the 'Silversaya' event of the famous clothing brand Boardwalk. The two celebrities are the ambassador of Boardwalk and they are the most trusted endorser of that clothing brand which is now celebrating their silver anniversary. It is not the only selfie together with the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards and Fil-Italian actor Matteo Guidicelli they also record a video and speaking some Italian language. Many fans are happy about the joint forces of the two famous stars of the leading rival TV Network in the country.

Many give amazing comments to the two handsome celebrities saying that they are very handsome and need to have another celebrity in the photo no other than Ryan Agoncillo. He is the original celebrity endorser of the famous clothing brand Boardwalk. They are requesting that the original endorser must be included since it is celebrating the Silver Saya Event of the clothing brand. The Fil-Italian actor congratulates the boardwalk boss for his support to the two celebrities in the silver anniversary of the Boardwalk clothing brand.

Boardwalk is a group of communities that believes the fashion is more than what it gives. It provides sustainable livelihood and continuous opportunities to the people who wants to become part of this social enterprises that helps a lot of people for 25 years in the clothing industry. The celebration of the silver anniversary of the clothing brand was held at Taft Makati City.

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Vice Ganda Was Irritated By the Sarcastic Question of Vhong Navarro!What Happens Next Was Shocking!

It's Showtime host vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro was jokingly conversating with each other and Vhong ask Vice Ganda about his love life. He explains to Vhong that they don't court with each other, they become only friends and develop their relationship through seeing each other and the next chapter was they fall in love. The audiences were screaming loudly after the explanation of Vice Ganda concerning his recent love life. Until the guy appreciates the wholeness of the unkabogable star and starts the relationship.Again Vhong Navarro ask him that if he finds already the one you are looking for, how much you pay monthly?

This sarcastic question of Vhong elevates the anger of Vice Ganda and by continuing his irritating question he finally provoked and challenge Vhong Navarro to have a fist fight. The unkabogable star was offended and annoyed by the sarcastic question of Vhong Navarro. Later Vhong Navarro tries to console Vice Ganda so that he will not be annoyed and become relax to continue the discussion in the show.

Vice Ganda return his answer to Vhong Navarro that the gay is not offended but the man who is accepting payments will downgrade his dignity. But Vhong answer it smartly that you can pay me but in an exchange with love. The audiences scream loudly that they were touched in the respond of Vhong Navarro to Vice Ganda.

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Shocking: Weighlifter Breaks His Spinal Cord Inside The Gym!

It was a sad incident that a fitness enthusiast lifted a heavy barbell in the gym which happens in China. The fitness enthusiast doesn't expect that it will be a horrifying incident that will happen to him. He just breaks his spine in two after he did some of deadlifting inside the gym. The weightlifter lifted the heavy barbell from the floor and in a few minutes of lifting the heavy barbell he just immediately stiffens.

From the video, it is noticed that the weightlifter experiencing severe pain base on his facial expressions. He then crushing his fist as he slowly stumbled down on the floor. The result of the x-ray was very dismaying that his spinal cord breaks in two because of this unffortunate incident that he is not expecting to happen.

It is a very lucky to him that he survive from the severe injury as the result of lifting heavy deadly weights. The footage of the CCTV of the incident was uploaded online and is now circulating in the gyms that frightened the fitness enthusiast and weightlifters to become aware and cautious in lifting heavy deadly weights.Netizens around the world cannot believe that he survived and still alive for what incident that happen to him as the x-ray results shows that his spine was broken into two.

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Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza And AlDub Nation Win Major Awards In E-magazine Year-End Poll!

This 2016 was a lucky year for the AlDub Nation and AlDub Phenomenal love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. In every end of the year, many have been given to the celebrities, love teams and fans club in the showbiz industry to recognized their contributions to the entertainment world in the country.It is not surprising that even over a year the AlDub fever has begun they receives major awards. The phenomenal love team with the all-out support 0f the AlDub Nation receives their trophy of hard works gained the love team of the year. Compare to the other love teams in the showbiz industry they are newbies as a love team. The e-magazine inside showbiz conducted a poll for the love team of the year. It was a good news to all AlDub Nation Family and AlDub Phenomenal love team that they were named to win the love team of the year. As posted on the Instagram of Inside Showbiz The phenomenal couple receives People's Choice Awards to win the Love Team of 2016 with the highest number of combined votes from Twitter and polls.

AlDub Nation congratulated the Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza for winning the awards. AlDub Nation was so proud and others are crying for joy for the win of their phenomenal love team. Another comments that the other love team in the showbiz Industry must thank AlDub because the competition becomes tighter than ever. AlDub Nation also thanks to all the members that sacrifice to vote for the phenomenal love team that results to win the Love Team of 2016.

The Phenomenal couple also wins as The Male Trending Star' and 'The Female Trending star'. Additional to the awards is the 'Most Favorite Mega Cover of the Yera goes to Maine Mendoza. And the fans club that giving all-out support to the phenomenal love team no other than AlDub Nation receives the 'Fandom of the Year'. All these awards had been fulfilled because of the all-out support of the AlDub Nation and the hard work of the phenomenal love team. Congratulations to Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza and the AlDub Nation for the awards receive this 2016. Hoping for another major success this 2017.


Armless Man Went Viral And Gain Sympathy From Netizen! Here are His Life Situation!

Many netizens show their support and help to the people by posting the people they want to help their situation in life. From the recent post of the other concern netizens that went viral and catches the heart of the masses.The two famous boy and a girl that change their life situation because their photos went viral and receive many assistance and help from the netizens were 'Carrot Man' and 'Badjao Girl'. Since their photo became viral in the social media and the online community they receive good opportunity and exposed in the entertainment industry and it becomes their stepping stone to change their life condition and living standards. Let us make this photo of an armless man to make not only to be viral and famous but assist and help him through posting his photo so that the authorities and the people with a good and kind heart will help him to his difficulties and hardships in life.

As we can see in the photo that was posted in the Facebook Page "Top Viral News"the armless man is normally working as an able man to harvest corn and carry to their house. He is the one responsible for taking care of her old relatives, feeding them, cooking that a disabled person cannot do the work easily.Many netizens share their sympathy and concern for the situation of this armless man, that he is trying to do all the hard work that the able man can do. Many salute the abilities of this man compared to the lazy able man that only depending on their relatives.

She comment"mga taong tamad at palaasa mahiya naman kayo sana makita niyo itong larawan na ito isang maganda halimbawa kahet may kapansanan hindi nagpapaapekto. sorry pero meron talaga matamaan. saludo ako kay manong." Another netizen comment that he was pity to see the situation commenting"Ganyan din kami sa aming bukid..ngunit kawawa nmn c kuya kahit wala syang kamay nakuha pa din nyang hindi.nanghihingi sa iba...saludo ako sayo may mga taong maganndang loob na tulungan ka..Godbless po".

To all the people who are always complaining in the hardship of life, see this man and you will be inspired by his perseverance in life. To all the people that have the opportunity to help this man and family share your blessings. And especially to the government official please give them a full support to this man to uplift their life situation.We salute you 'Manong' for your determination in fighting for your life struggles. May God Bless you and always have a strength and good health to inspire the Filipino people.

Source: Top Viral News

Maine Mendoza Challenge Fans To Join "Dare To Be Funtastyk" To Have A Date With Her!

Do you like to date the Phenomenal star Maine Mendoza? The popular brand endorsed by the phenomenal star CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino will make it possible to the lucky fans to date. Maine Mendoza, a phenomenal star of Kalye Serye segment of the known longest running noontime show in the country 'Eat Bulaga' will spend a day with a total of 18 lucky winners sponsored by her endorsed brand CDO. To become a winner you must like the Facebook Page of CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino is the first step and the next step will be to do her Funtastyk Dares or challenges.nOne challenge will be release per day for 20 days.

The fans should make a photo or a video of the challenge to be submitted thru Funtastyk Facebook Chat. The challenge requires to copy the dance moves of the phenomenal star in a video recording for 30 seconds and another is to make a Haiku Japanese poem memorize and recite it for 30 seconds also.The lucky winners will have a chance to seat at the table and dine with the phenomenal star during the CDO Funtastyk Fest on Feb. 28, 2017.

Maine Mendoza, the star of the upcoming TeleSerye 'Destined To Be Yours' in a primetime slot of GMA Network will know lucky winners seems to be 'tocino' lovers and eaters.She is excited because it is her chance to spend some time with her tocino lover fans.She is very happy that the product she endorsed is now the country's number 1 selling 'tocino'.

Maine added "I’m happy that I’m now part of the brand’s success since I’ve been a longtime fan. It’s delicious, tender kasi hindi ito gawa sa inahing baboy and hindi ito malitid. It doesn’t shrink easily when cooked unlike other brands kaya talagang love ko." The challenges that Maine wants is to know how much 'tocino' they can eat in one minute. For more details and information for the challenge 'Dare to be Funtastyk' visit and like the CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino Facebook Page and the website at for the complete details information and mechanics of the challenge.


"The Flash" Saves Two Children From Car Accident in A Split Of Second! Watched The Video!

Every child idolizes superheroes like Superman and Batman.In this case, this is a true story and incident happens that a simple man fixing his motorcycle becomes the real superhero to the two children he saves from the accident and to the netizens who watch this video. The two children are roaming around and in a bit of second, he saw that there was a fast car coming straight to the children that will run over them. But fortunately, the man sees the fast car coming to the two children and quickly he grab it to save it from the place where the fast car will hit the two children. The incident happens very quickly that God makes the man feel the incident in advance that he move fastly to save the young children. Almost all the people around the area of the incident were shocked and amazed and they are not expecting that it will have an incident like this. Many netizens commend the heroic acts of the simple man acts like "The Flash" appearing in DC comics which possess a super speed ability to run and move fast.

On the post of Tee Radio Facebook Page they compare him more than Superman and Batman. Other netizens watch the video for many times and thinking that if the two children was not saved by this man maybe it will be lifeless. The netizens admire the man because he is busy fixing his motorcycle and when he looked back he see the fast car coming to the children and suddenly without second thought he run fastly to save the two children from the accident.

They are saluting the heroic acts of this simpleman and can be dubbed as "The Flash" of the new generation. May God bless you for your heroic deeds done to the two youn children you save their lives. God is good that he used this man to save the children from accident. To all the drivers be careful because many lives are in your hands, be a responsible and defensive driver.

Source: Tee Radio

Boyfriend Pranks His Girlfriend And It Bounce Back When His Girlfriend Caught Them! Here's Why?

It is a depressing situation when someone fools in relationships and someone those who fools their loved ones in a prank that seems to be a joke but the result will shock the prankster boyfriend.This video shows the boyfriend pretending to cheat another woman in bed which is the best friend of his girlfriend. The boyfriend explained to his girlfriend's best friend that they will prank her girlfriend by doing naughty acts that his face will be covered by his girlfriend's best friend lipsticks inside their room. He is not expecting that his girlfriend's best friend will agree in his prank to his girlfriend. He was surprised that his girlfriend's best friend agrees and saying to the prankster " yeah, yeah I'll do it" and she makes sorry for the pranks in advance.

They both waited for half an hour for his girlfriend to come until his darling arrived and arranged the cameras inside their room.After twenty minutes after setting up the camera to be used for pranking his girlfriend.His girlfriend does not directly goes to their room but goes to the kitchen to get something. The girlfriend entered into their room after taking something in the kitchen and she was surprised that her best friend is lying on the top of her boyfriend kissing him.

The girlfriend pretends to be very angry and her boyfriend friend was shocked because his girlfriend start to move closer to her best friend and not expecting what his girlfriend done to her best friend.In his shocked to his prank that her girlfriend kisses her best friend and his pranks bounce back to him. Because the best friend of his girlfriend already informs in advance the pranks of his boyfriend. So for all the boyfriends who wants to pranks their girlfriend be careful because maybe it will also happen to you.


Alden Richards Admits That Maine Mendoza Is The Only One And No One Else But Her

Alden Richards admit in an interview that Maine Mendoza is the only one and no one else. What a sweet and super kilig message of Alden Richards to his phenomenal wife Maine Mendoza. He admits this in an interview of The GMA Network morning show Unang Hirit. This is the response of Alden in the interview of the morning show that was posted on Twitter accounts of one AlDub Nation with hashtag #ALDUBKiligDuo " Kung masaya daw ba siya na si M ang kasama niya sa balik TS:' There's no one else po. It has to be Maine for me. Ang aga, bes!" What a very good news that soothe the ears of all AlDub Nation, supporters and against the hearts of the bashers.

It was a very sweet message of Pambansang Bae that really makes the day of the AlDub Nation to be complete and they are requesting that there will be more TeleSerye to come. This news was very reliable when the sources are Mr. Ron Sagun, Mr.Lhar Santiago and Mr. Nelson Canlas. Because these three entertainment reporters really saying the truth concerning Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.

The majority of the comments on this video upload of Mr.Ron Sagun makes their morning to be in a good vibes mood commenting"yah umagang umaga good vibes agad. Really MaiChard is real. they r in a relationship. adn knows n feel d truth. in love na talaga cila sa isat isa. team kampante. kilig n so sweet." It was really good vibes and very good news to all AlDub Nation that they hear and watched this interview of Unang Hirit with Alden Richards. To all AlDub Nation have good vibes and a blessed day to all.

Source: Ron Sagun

Two Girls Fighting in Trinoma Gardens! Watch This Video It's Shocking!

The video went viral in the social media about the word war between two girls in Trinoma Gardens. As the people notice that many students and teenagers are stand by in the garden. It is not a problem to stay in the Trinoma Garden if the behavior of the teenagers will not irritate the other people in the area. But if the teenagers staying only to make a scene like this, shouting with each other and saying bad words against one another this is another thing.This makes the teenagers will be disrespectful and result in the downgrade of their dignity. As a teenagers, they must have good manners and right conduct which was taught in the school. As the saying of our national Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal That " The Youth(teenagers) are the hope of the nation".

How can it be fulfilled this famous saying of our national hero if the scene like this will be promoted by many teenagers in a public places that will downgrade their dignity. It was shameful to all the people around them that the establishments in that area are fine dining restaurants and expected to have a classy customers. Then the teenagers in that nearby area are shouting with each other like in the market of Baclaran and Quiapo like vendors selling their stuff and goods.

And from this video posted by Shulamyt Aquino netizens are expecting that the boys around them will be the one has the courage to stop the fighting and word war of the two girld but unfortunately they are the one that pushing the two girls to elevate their fight.But to the one boy who tries to stop the fighting netizens appreciate his good intention of trying to stop the fighting scene. It was the reminders to all the parents of this two girls that always guide your daughter in good manners and right conduct which was taught in the school.

Source: Facebook

Maine Mendoza Shocked The Netizen About She Done On Her Instagram With Liza Soberano! Here's Why?

The Filipino-American Actress Liza Soberano of ABS-CBN Network is famous for extraordinary beauty not only here in the Philippines but known worldwide.It is the leading lady of ABS-CBN Actor and dancer Enrique Gil does not only catches the hearts of other local celebrities like famous heartthrob Piolo Pascual.Piolo Pascual admitted that he admires the beauty of the Filipino-American actress.

The American singer-songwriter and record producer Charlie Puth invited her to be a guest in his concert and also the famous American DJ Dou Drew Taggart and Alex Pall of Chainsmokers.Not only celebrities local and international are admiring Soberano but also our very own Miss Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach. as she compared her beauty to like those of other beauty queens.

The ABS-CBN teen star and GMA Network phenomenal star Maine Mendoza recently have an issue between the two famous stars of the rival TV networks which make known in the online community and social media. Even though they are from the two leading rival networks of the country netizens were surprised done by the 'Destined To Be Yours' star Maine Mendoza by following Liza Soberano on her Instagram account.

AlDub Nation and other fans of both celebrities are expecting that the other celebrities will do likewise she done. That sooner or later Liza Soberano will follow also the phenomenal star of Eat Bulaga and GMA Network. It shows that the phenomenal star is a down to earth simple celebrity that almost everybody loves her.

Source: ChisMix

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza Defends By Tina Panganiban-Perez Against the Bitter Bashers

Many people are supporting the phenomenal love team including celebrities and reporters. One famous GMA Network reporter post her message of support against the bashers.She posted a photo of cooked ampalaya or bitter gourd concerning the bashers are always bitter with the phenomenal love team. She posted on her Twitter accounts saying" Sa mga ampalaya, be happy na lang."AlDub Nation is very happy for the support of the veteran news reporter of GMA Network Tina Panganiban-Perez and thanking her for her support.AlDub Nation posted their gratitude to the veteran GMA Reporter with hashtag # ALDUBKiligDuo saying" Love you po Mrs. Tina, thank you for the undying supporting for Maine and Alden."

It was a positive impact on the phenomenal couple because even a veteran reporter is supporting them and understand the situation of the phenomenal love team against the bashers and critics.AlDub Nation posted that the veteran reporter of GMA Network is very correct and her post was a bullseye against the bitter bashers which always bitter and making negative issues against the phenomenal couple.

AlDub Nation understands that the bashers will make negative write-ups because the upcoming TeleSerye is approaching. Soon it will be shown in a primetime slot and it will be a history in a showbiz industry as the AlDub Nation promises to be number one. This post of the broadcast journalists makes The AlDub Nation day to be complete. It was a happy feeling when you will read the post of supports of many people in many walks of life including a broadcast journalist.

Source: Ron Sagun

5 Things To Remember Before Going To Bed At Night To Have A Quality Time Sleep! Here's What?

It is recommended to all that seven or more hours of sleep required. But there are things not to do before bedtime to attain the required sleep recommended by National Sleep Foundation.To have a good start of healthful bedtime habitual activity. Do not do these things to have a beneficial sleep at night before going to bed.

1. Drinking Alcohol or Liquor. An after-dinner drink will make you feel sleepy at first but it is not giving you a favor to have a quality sleep during bedtime. According to the study of University of Melbourne Sleep Research Laboratory, last January 2015 that drinking before going to sleep can help you fall asleep easily but it will change your quality of sleep in the late night.

2. You read on your gadgets like smartphone, tablets, and laptops. According to research that reading from your gadgets with light emitting electronic devices and gadgets before going to bed can be difficult to your daily body clock and will result in your whole health and daytime readiness.So before going to bed it is a great idea but not with gadgets and electronic devices with light emitting but printed books.

3. Drinking coffee late night. this is very obvious that drinking coffee late night. In the study, according to the University of Colorado drinking coffee like a double espresso, 3 hours before you sleep will result to delay a 40 minutes in your internal body clock. Another research recommends that people should prevent caffeine consumption at least six hours before going to sleep. Keep in mind that making coffee after lunch will be your last one for the whole day to guarantee it will be completely out of your system before sleeping at night.

4. Checking your Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Even you only read the post and updates on your social media accounts and not posting pictures or make comments the addiction on the social media will affect the quality of your sleep on bedtime. According to the University of Pittsburg School of medicine ages from 16 to 32 years old spending more time on social media were two times likely to have sleep distraction than the less time spending on the social media.

5. Eating snacks and foods with high contents of saturated fat and sugar.Allowing yourself to eat sugary cakes or dessert will cause disorder on your sleep.According to latest 2016 study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine shows the high quantity of saturated fat and sugar intake was connected to disrupted that can increase your quality of sleep is high in fiber diet according to the study.

These are the 5 things you absolutely not to do before going to sleep to have a quality sleep required by our body.


Alden Richards Post On His Twitter Account A Photo Indicating He Was Confined In The Hospital

Recently Lhar Santiago made an interview with Pambansang Bae Alden Richards that he is not feeling well because of over fatigue and lack of sleep. Many AlDub Nation really were worried about the health condition of the phenomenal husband of Eat Bulaga. Alden post on his Twitter accounts a photo indicating that he was confined in the hospital. On his post health concern message flood the social media because of Alden Richards health condition. On his post there was no mentioned reason for his confinement and the sickness he encounters was not also mentioned by him. But recently it was posted in a Facebook account fans club that Alden was not feeling well. And even the phenomenal couple attended the event of their endorsed product the condition of their health is not okay but they try to be present on that day.

After the event was finished the Pambansang Bae, according to the Facebook post he immediately goes to the hospital to check his health condition. AlDub Nation commended the phenomenal love team of being professional in spite of their health condition. Many AlDub Nation requesting that the phenomenal love team will take some rest so that they can recover easily.

As the known saying says' Health is Wealth' which is very true because how they can be successful in their career if they have sickness and the fans are very much concern about the health of both phenomenal celebrities. Advice to the phenomenal love team take some rest and recover from the sickness you are now encountering and AlDub Nation understands that both of you are working hard and doing your best to make the AlDub Nation happy and entertain. Get well soon to both of you phenomenal love team.


Alden, nagsalita tungkol sa kanila ni Maine

Alden Richards has a wish for their love team to be the upcoming TeleSerye 'Destined To Be Yours' will be a success. On their #ALDUB18thMonthsary Alden has a wish for their career as the phenomenal couple to have a good outcome of their upcoming soap opera and more projects to come. Not only the phenomenal love team wishes to be their TeleSerye will be successful but even the AlDub Nation also wishes for their success for the upcoming TeleSerye 'Destined to Be Yours'. Alden wants both of them to be successful with their first Teleserye and also for the future projects that they will be together. As they promise to the AlDub Nation that they will give more time and spend together in the shows and for the future projects.AlDub Nation supports the phenomenal love for the success of the TeleSerye and it is their promise to the phenomenal couple.

They will make the result of the TeleSerye to be phenomenal and again another history in the showbiz industry. As AlDub Nation makes a promise for them that no matter what happen they will support the phenomenal couple, they will not leave them and always with them in every show. They assure the phenomenal love team that their soap opera 'Destined to Be yours ' will be successful because they will give all-out support. And Alden only wished just to be with Maine... no one else just Maine only.

Another AlDub Nation assures the phenomenal love team that for the Team Kampante and Team Bahay their wish will be fulfilled because at present they are already excited waiting for the upcoming TeleSerye.For the phenomenal loveteam don't give up because the AlDub Nation is always with you in all your shows and Teleserye no matter what happen as a promise to you both Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.Your wish will be fulfilled soon.

Source: Ron Sagun

OFW Video Recording Went Viral Explaining The Sacrifice Of Being Domestic Helper

This OFW went viral on her video sharing of all the hardship working as Domestic Helper. Instead of complaining to her employer about the plenty of daily works she must finish for the day, she only records a video explaining all the activities she had finished and the other activities in the house to finish the day. She was dubbed as the female version of Mike Enriquez because of his fast talking explaining of all her household chores.This is her method of removing stress and sleepiness instead of complaining to her employer. Many netizens enjoy in watching this video because of his fast talking way of explaining of all his household daily activities.

From her explanation, she already finished off cleaning three bedrooms, three comfort rooms, kitchens, living room and the balance to finish was the outside surroundings of the house. She woke up early in the morning to clean her employer's car. She works and finishes immediately all the household activities because she came from her day off. Even though she was not feeling well, over fatigue and sleepy she must continue to work to finish her daily task.This is the situation of all domestic helpers in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

But for this OFW she works positively to finish all her daily task even she was not feeling well, sleepy and over fatigue. The job was well done by our 'kabayan' in spite of complaining she made a video recording to fight the sleepiness she felt so that she can finish her daily task for the day.It is an inspiration to all our countrymen this video showing the industriousness of OFW in the foreign country.

Source: Facebook

10 Indications That Your Partner Is Not Loving You Anymore

Since your spouse/partner starts to court with you before your marriage he/she always expresses their love and affection. Until you notice that there are some changes from your partner.
Here are the 10 signs indicating that your spouse no longer loves you.

1.Your spouse/partner no longer expressing love to you, he/she doesn't attract with you and does not arouse with you.

2.Your spouse/partner has always another in his mind. And you notice that he/she is not attracted to you and thinking another person rather than you.

3.You don't have any conversation and topic in life. You are not talking about your plans and topics pain. indicating that you're not missing each other.

4.Your spouse/partner always accusing you have all the mistakes. You are always to blame for everything happens that is bad in your life.
5.Your spouse/partner is not supporting you. he/she is always upset and irritate with your in what you say and what you do.

6. Your spouse/partner always has an alibi for not being with you and at home. He/she has many reasons like business trip activities, overtime in the office playing games and drinking with his friends without you. He likes to be away from you.

7. He/she is not including you in his plans and dreams and making a plan for the future without your knowledge.

8. He/she is not respecting you. He/she is not appreciating all your efforts for having a good relationship and always remember your mistakes.

9. He/she is not accepting your explanation and he is not explaining to you what he/she has done in his daily activities.

10. He/she is hostile to you and cause you physical and emotional pain. He/she is not telling the truth, and always deceiving you and not telling you all what you want to know.

Source: Read & Digest

Netizens Breaks Their Heart For The Baby Suffering From Anencephaly! Here's Why?

It was a pitifully situation of a poor baby in Batangas that makes the social media community into tears and flooded sympathy on the condition of the baby.The baby is suffering from birth defect known as anencephaly. Itis the absence of a major portion of the brain, skull, and scalp that occurs during embryonic development of the baby.After the Concerned Netizen posted the picture of the newly born baby on his facebook account it went to become Viral.

Many netizens immediately express their desire to help the poor baby on the Facebook account of Steve Almazar.If you will see the photos of the underprivileged baby you will broke your heart and tears may fell from your eyes as showing sympathy to the baby. Unluckily Almazar recently posted that the baby went lifeless at the Batangas General Hospital.

The Recent post again makes the netizens were very sad and flooded the social media expressing their sympathy for the baby and his family.Almazar posted a heartbreaking lines that you will not think what other people will say if you are fighting for the life and time of the baby.

While the baby is fighting inspite of his defects and disorder and we cannot see the struggle he is experiencing in his health condition.He ask the help and assistance of the good hearted netizens to call or text on the cell phone number he posted to help the baby.Even the baby did not survive you will always remember and missed by the netizens.


Maine Mendoza Gives Sweet Birthday Message To Alden Richards

It is a very special day to Alden Richards of celebrating his birthday. It is more special when someone you have intimate relationship will greet you on your special day. The Sunday PinaSaya held a surprise birthday celebration of the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards and it will be a great opportunity to Maine Mendoza that on this surprise birthday celebration to deliver her sweet message to her phenomenal husband of Kalye Serye. This is the sweet message of Maine Mendoza to the birthday celebrant saying " Hello Alden, happy happy birthday sana mag enjoy ka sa pa surprise party sayo and sana kung anoman ang wish mo this year, sana matupad yun and God bless." It was a video greeting of maine Mendoza to Alden Richards when the Sunday PinaSaya held a surprise birthday party to the Pambansang Bae before going to the upcoming Sinulog Festival in Cebu City.

Many AlDub Nation comments on her video greeting were so sweet and they see how maine is truly beautiful and simple compared to the other celebrities in the showbiz industry.Here's the post of Mareeya positively commenting on the video greetings of maine mendoza " maine you're so beautiful that no shobiz pretense seen on you coz you're real organic n eco frnd."

But from the bashers and critics they are not considering the message of the phenomenal star is not sweet. They are always bitter commenting negative against the positive comments of the fans and alDub nation.For the AlDub Nation, every message of the phenomenal star to the Pambansang Bae AlDen Richards is sweet because it comes from the bottom of her heart. Again to Alden Richards happy happy birthday and many more bitrhdays and blessing to come, and wishing good health and a success in your career together with Maine Mendoza.

Source: Ron Sagun

Carla Abellana and Liz Uy Admit Maine Mendoza's Beauty

Many people admire the beauty of the phenomenal Star not only AlDub Nation but even celebrities catch by Maine's beauty. In the recent Nestle Awards Night at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Pasay City, the phenomenal love team of Eat Bulaga catches the eyes of the people last January 12, 2017. They are the celebrity endorsers of the Nestle Philippines. The Phenomenal star looks elegant and gorgeous wearing a sexy and classy blue dress in the Awards Night of the Nestle Philippines.

The elegant and classy blue dress worn by the phenomenal star in the recent Awards Nights captures the eyes of two celebrities that make them be star struck. The photo was posted by Juan Sarte a known make-up artist of the selfie photo of Maine Mendoza on his Instagram. The elegant celebrity photo went viral garnered more than 8,000 likes and receives additional positive comments until this time.

The two celebrities that catch up were Kapuso leading lady Carla Abellana and the known celebrity stylist Liz Uy. The two celebrities comment with a heart for fashion stylist Liz Uy and so beautiful from the Kapuso leading lady. All the comments on this Instagram post are almost the same pertaining to the beautiful image and gorgeous smile of the phenomenal star.

Another comments positively that her beauty is stand out among the rest simply yet so classy. It was the favorite of the netizen posting as their comment to the phenomenal star.The perfect hair and make-up of the phenomenal star add the beauty and appeal of Maine Mendoza that the reason that the two celebrities were star struck by her beauty.


Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza was Talked of The Town in Social Media! Here's Why?

It is no wonder that the phenomenal love team is now again the talk of the town regarding the use of private plane traveling to Cebu for the upcoming Sinulog Festival. Many tweets flooded the social media regarding this issue of using private plne while their team was using a commercial plane. The tweets of rosellmaine with hashtag #TeamDTBYsaSINULOG " pinag commercial plane ang team nila tapos sila nag private plane.. bwahaha hay nakow! may relasyon talaga kayo no!" It was a good news for the AlDub Nation that the phenomenal love team will spend their quality time in a private plane. Another positive comments from AlDub Nation member Delilah Hilario on this uploaded video " Iba talaga ang almaine! Worth nman ang working performance ng mag sweetheart n almaine kays special treatment din ang dapat s knila! God bless!". As the phenomenal love team promises to the AlDub Nation that they will try their best to give have a time together because last year they are always separarate traveling going to their shows.

It is the happiness of the AlDub Nation that the phenomenal couple is happy together enjoying their quality time in the private plane. Another fans jokingly posted on her Twitter account may be it will be again the start of another issue against the phenomenal love team. It is true because of the rumor that they travel together in a private plane, it was a talk of the town in the social media not only to the AlDub Nation but also to the bashers that they are creating negative issues against the phenomenal love team.

For the AlDub Nation, it is not an issue that they travel together in a private plane because they want the phenomenal couple to be always together, happy and enjoy their life during showbiz career. To the phenomenal love team enjoys your stay in Cebu in celebrating the Sinulog festival and many AlDub Nation is now waiting in Cebu to meet personally Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.

Source: Ron Sagun

Police Officers Involved In An Abduction Incident in Cagayan De Oro City

The NBI Region 10 shows the copy of the CCTV showing the abduction of Enrique Fernandez III last October 23, 2016. The abduction happened in the establishment at Upper Carmen Cagayan De Oro City where there are a white car and one motorcycle. After a while, one person with a helmet was seen going outside the establishment and he was talking with somebody with the cell phone. When the victim was near his motorcycle two men come out from the white car and hold the victim, he is trying to free himself from the two men holding him and remove his helmet so that he can identify clearly the man holding him. Another man came with a bullet vest with a handgun and pulled the victim and hit with his gun. The additional man with bullet vest come out from the white car and take the fallen helmet on the ground. another man crossing the roads and come to the white car to open the door. All the men help to put the victim inside the white car and the man in white shirt check the motorcycle and follow the white car.

According to the NBI The 5 men that abduct the victim were clearly identified by the witnesses and also the PNP officers are police. The Police were identified and named as PO2 Alejandro Ubanan in White shirt, PO2 Sanngkula Hussein with a black jacket and black hat, PO2 Jojo Lim the man with Bullet vest and with a gun, SPO1 Alaindelon Tacubao man with sando and bullet vest, S/INSP. Ereneo Ramirez the man crossing the road.

The 5 alleged suspects refused to give statements to the authorities and now in the custody of the NBI Region 10.According to NBI Region 10 that the girlfriend of the victim recently sold a property worth Php6.5 Million, they are considering this motive for the abduction of the suspect. the relatives of Enrique Fernandez III are worried because until now the victim was still missing. The 5 alleged suspects were already charged by Kidnapping with serious illegal detention and carnapping.

Source: ABS-CBN News

OFW Receives A Heartbreaking Message From Her Son

It was a funny game show Wowowee of Willie Revillame in ABS-CBN you will see the heart-breaking life situation of this OFW and his son. The comedian host initially interviews the contestant funnily joking that she has a face of Sto. NiƱo and asking her if she goes to the beauty salon. He informs that madam Auring has a beauty salon that can make her more pretty when she visit it.Going to the formal interview of Mr. Revillame with a contestant named Angel she shared her life as an OFW that she was away from her son for almost ten years. It was a sacrifice of an OFW that she was separated and away from their children to provide the financial needs of their family and loved ones. As a single mom, it was very hard for her to be away from her son.

Her son was only 1-year-old at the time she went to Korea to earn a living. And after almost ten years of hard work and sacrifice in South Korea, her son is very thankful for his sacrifice and love for him. Her son delivers a message of gratitude to his loving single mother saying"ma salamat at nagkasama na tayo, salamat din at sinusuportahan mo kami, mahal na mahal kita ma." The message of her son melts and breaks the heart of the audience and viewers. And for the OFW out there you can relate to this situation what a mother feels if she will be reunited with his loving son for a long time of separation.

It was a heartbreaking message from her son since he was 1 year old, he was separated from his mother and now only is the time that he reunited with her mother. The mother and son missed very much with each other. Their communication only was with telephone and she promises her son that she will try her best not to leave her anymore.It was the happiest moment to all OFw that they reunited with family and to decide to stay with them and not leaving their family again.

Source: Watcha Think

OFW in Riyadh Maltreated By Her Employer Seeking For Help ! Watched The Video !

It was a very hard situation when OFW experience maltreatment from their employer. Here is a video of an OFW experiencing maltreatment from her employer before leaving the middle east because her contract was finished.The OFW explaining to her employer that the contract already finished and it will expire soon, so the OFW was insisting to her employer that the contract was finished. The employer trying to take the cell phone of the poor maltreated OFW so that she cannot report to the embassy to ask for help. She was asking help from her fellow domestic helper by recording a video about the situation and the maltreatment of her employer. The employer wants the OFW to stay working even the contract was finish. They are not accepting the explanation of our Kababayan but insisting her to stay even the contract was finished. The personal belongings of the poor OFW were forcibly checked by her employer.

It is the majority of the OFw are suffering from the maltreatment of their employer especially when they want to have a final exit with their employer. It is a bit lucky to this domestic helper that she has a fellow OFW companion that assisting and helping her and take a hidden video recording that will expose the maltreatment of their employer. At the end of the video recorded and uploaded on youtube that the poor OFW was crying and screaming loudly to call the attention of other people and tell to her fellow household service worker to let her employer to hurt her and call the police.

It is the reality of the situation of some OFW in the Middle East and not all are very lucky to have a kind-hearted employer. You need patience and perseverance and very important is prayer so that you can return to your beloved country safe and sound. We must appreciate the hard work, the sacrifice of all OFW's around the world that every money earned by them was a fruit of their hard work and sacrifice for their family to have a better life in the future.

Source: Favradio
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