VIRAL: Bus Driver That Counter-flowed Got Mad With The Ford SUV Driver! Watched To Know Why?

A driver should have patience and discipline to be a responsible one. Because road accidents are disastrous that can take the lives of innocent people. The video went viral posted by concern netizen Kristoff Guinto wanted to call the attention after an irresponsible and undisciplined bus driver counter-flowed and insisting on giving him a way to pass through but the Ford Expedition driver Mr. Guinto decided to stay unmoved and not allowing the bus to pass the road. The posted by Kristoff Guinto on his Facebook account that the two angry drivers refrain to each other to give a chance to pass. The Ford Expedition driver is unmoved in his position because he is in the right way of the road. Guinto has already decided that he will stay even the whole day because he is in the right position of the road.

Even though the bus driver and the bus passengers were mad at him because of the delayed they have faced on the road and wasting of time Guinto is patient to wait for the authorities to handle the incident instead of giving way to the bus driver to pass and go on its way. Another concern driver who is passing the way got mad because of the incident that the bus driver is in the wrong position. The bus driver cannot wait for the delay and he tries to transfer to the other lane of the road so that he can escape and pass the road and after a while, the traffic enforcer come.

Another driver passed and saw the situation of the bus driver insisting the traffic enforcer to arrest the driver and if will not be given a violation they will meet in the office of the mayor. He back up Guinto because he knows that the Ford Expedition driver is in the right position and he video recorded the incident including the person involved the bus driver, conductor and the traffic enforcer if they will not arrest and give violation to the undisciplined and irresponsible bus driver. Guinto wanted to call the attention to teach the counter-flowed bus driver that " Hindi habang buhay ganito tayo" and must be a responsible driver that obeying traffic rules and regulations. Many netizens appreciate the good job made by Mr. Guinto and get mad at the bus driver. Be a responsible and a disciplined driver because the lives of the people are on your hand especially the bus drivers.

Watch the video below:


New TV Commercial Video Of Maine Mendoza Went Viral! Here's Why?

The popularity of maine Mendoza still continues not because of her dub smashed but by the recent parody made by her and brother Dean Mendoza. They made a parody of the viral video of the two siblings dubbed as " Ipapasa ko ito sa Facebook bwes*t ka!" For only a couple of days, her parody reaches up to more than 7 million views. And now from the time, it starts it has reached more than 15 million views.

This shows how Maine Mendoza catches the hearts of the netizen and they appreciate the great talent of the phenomenal star. Again another video went viral not a parody or a dub smashed but a TV commercial. The TV commercial video reaches to 4 million views and still counting.

The Rejoice Shampoo TV commercials gain more benefits brought by the fame and popularity of the phenomenal star.It is the newest TV commercial of one of the leading shampoo in the country. The multitude of views that reach 4 million to date was posted on Twitter account of her fandom "Team Harot" of the AlDub Nation informing that the TV commercial had reach 4 million views.

The TV commercial of the phenomenal star was very appreciated by the AlDub Nation because they watched it and describe as a beautiful commercial and she serves as a magnet that magnetizing many views because of her fame and popularity. Congratulation to the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza for additional success in your career.


Maine Mendoza, Juancho, RJ and Sheena Spotted On The Taping Of DTBY!

The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza is very busy for the taping of the much-awaited soap opera "Destined To Be Yours". In that taping, she was together with her co-star Juancho, Rj and Sheena Halili. Co-star Juancho Trivino of Destined To Be Yours posted the updates on his social media account their taping of the much-awaited soap opera. Juancho writes a comment that rain or shine they are together #TeamPelangi and #DTBY.AlDub Nation is very happy for the updates posted by Juancho Trivino even though their location is mountainous they are very lucky because of the strong signal of the mobile network they can update the fan regarding their taping of Destined To Be Yours.

The AlDub Nation thanking Maine co-star of Destined To Be Yours Juancho Trivino for his updates because they miss very much the phenomenal star. For some couple of days, the phenomenal love team is separated in the show because of their different schedule of their taping.The circle of friends of the phenomenal star starts to become bigger and AlDub Nation is very thankful for the additional friends of Maine Mendoza in the showbiz industry.

They not only miss the togetherness of the phenomenal love team but they really miss the much-awaited soap opera to be shown in GMA Primetime series. They are all excited about the soap opera that others express their excitement to the upcoming soap opera that they cannot wait for the time and schedule for the showing of the Teleserye.

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Before Alden Is A Serious Guy But Now He Is Infected With Maine Mendoza! Here's Why?

For almost 2 years Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are together in the showbiz industry. Their phenomenal love team catches the heart of every Filipino that makes them both now famous and reaches the peak of their career and success. The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza start her career to become the dub smashed queen of the Philippines. From the start, AlDub Nation knows Maine Mendoza is a funny clever and talented and this is why she loves the fans and capture the hearts of them.

But Alden is a serious dramatic actor. It came to the attention of the AlDub Nation that Alden is nearly same with Maine from a serious and dramatic actor to become a funny and clever celebrity that makes the people laugh, smile and entertain of his wittiness. He acts like a crying child but the end thereof is to make the fans laugh and smile that completes their day.

He has now the talent of making the fans to smile and laugh.As the saying birds of the same feather flock together. Since they are always together Alden now has the talent to entertain the fans to laugh and act in a hilarious way to make the crowd laugh and entertain. And even he is crying as his acting the fans tend to laugh but still, the Pambansang Bae facial expression is like a cute child. Alden now is a versatile actor that can act in a drama and comedy scene just like Maine that can act hilariously.

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Maine Mendoza's Long Legs The Talk Of The Town In Social Media

Maine Mendoza is a talented, simple and beautiful star that many Filipinos are admiring. It is now the topic of the day in the social media the beautiful flawless long legs of the phenomenal star. AlDub Nation appreciates and amazed to the beautiful long legs of the phenomenal star and many positive comments flooded the social media. They describe the long legs of Maine Mendoza to have a beautiful shape, and flawless. The photo posted on the tweeter account was side view position, but even on that side, the AlDub Nation notice the cuteness of the phenomenal star.

They highly appreciated the beauty of Maine Mendoza by describing her as sexy and million dollar legs and give them the title as Queen Maine. They compare it to the legs of Hollywood Actress-singer Jennifer Lopez with a million dollar legs. Another fan commented that Maine Mendoza is short and compare to the shortness of Aiza Marquez.

Others defended her as a taller lady with the height of 5'4" which can be considered as the average height of a lady. Many fans already miss Maine very much and they are waiting to see her in the Eat Bulaga. The phenomenal love team is not present in the noontime show because of their busyness in the taping of the upcoming soap opera. AlDub Nation misses both of you together in Eat Bulaga.

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Another OFW Maybe Save From Exec*tion? Here's Why?

It was a good news for the family and relatives of Elpidio Lano that he has the possibility to be freed and prevent the exec*tion in Kuwait.The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is expecting to prevent the execution of an OFW identified as Elpidio Lano in Kuwait after the department set a meeting with the family and relatives of the fellow Filipinos allegedly killed by Lano.

The DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello III said that they will meet with the wife of Nino Macaranas in Cagayan de Oro City to ask forgiveness of the murd*r made by Lano.And it is a hint that there is a chance for the OFW to have forgiveness from the family of Niño Macaranas who was allegedly murd*red by fellow Filipinos.

In the year 2014, Lano was sentenced to Kuwait Court of the First Instance in connection with the alleged murd*r of Niño Macaranas also a OFW in Kuwait. However, until now there is no date for exec*tion of Lano. In one interview Sec Bello said
“We are set to meet with the wife of the victim, Nino Macaranas, and try to convince her to just forgive or settle for blood money,”

Bello said It was a good sign of the acceptance of family Macaranas of their invitation. There will be a possibility that Lano will be forgiven or will pay for the blood money since the relatives and family of the victim are open for a meeting with the Secretary Of Labor and Employment.

Source: Balita

Woman Gone Lifeless After The Conductor Forced Her To Comes Down Off The Bus! Here's Why?

It is an unfortunate day for the woman to have his last day in commuting on a bus.It was her unexpected last day of commuting on a bus when she met her last day and gone lifeless to come down the CEM Bus along the EDAS -Balintawak in Quezon City last January 29,2017, in the north bound lane. The victim was identified as Purita Boe, 49 years old. According to the bus conductor, the victim was on his back standing on the stair of the bus. He was surprised that suddenly she was gone and saw her outside the bus and sprawled on the road.But according to the passengers that witnessed the incident, the conductor rushed the victim to come down because there is traffic enforcer from MMDA that was trafficking the area to avoid a traffic violation.

The victim The bus driver identified as Edmund Salcedo surrendered to the police authorities of the Quezon City Police District.The victim was rushed to the hospital but after some time, she's gone lifeless due to the severe head injury because her head hit the pavement on the road.

Another parallel incident that happens last June 14, 2016, in EDSA -Kalayaan Avenue near Buendia Avenue which was captured by another driver's dash cam. The two female passenger that quickly come down off the bus in a Jasper Jean Bus when the bus immediately proceeds to travel along his route. The other survived but the one has gone lifeless because the bus rolled over to her. The LTFRB has notified the operator of the bus, together with the bus driver and conductor for the disciplinary action given to them.


Pia Wurtzbach Ex-Boyfriend Garnered Displeasure From Social Media Users! Here's Why?

The confession of the ex-sweetheart of the Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach has gone viral on the social media resulting the netizen to disfavor him.The confession was revealed on the Facebook Page UST Files in which the graduates and students can confess secretly their past stories with a code name to remain anonymous to the readers.The guy was hiding in his name 'Guy with Regrets" This is his story, they met for the first time in V. Mapa Station LRT 2. Pia was steeping the prohibited yellow line and jokingly said to her " Ate wag ka tatalon". This is the first time they meet and see and the start of seeing each other. Pia is studying in Center for Asian Culinary Studies in San Juan Metro Manila and also taking AB Economics in UST. And on that Time Pia is already some extra roles in ABS-CBN TV Network on that event. He added
"Meeting place namin lagi sa SM Sta. Mesa, which is gitna ng San Juan at Espanya. Madalas kami manood ng mga corny at cheap romantic comedy sa sine. Tuwang-tuwa siya sa mga ganong palabas. Ako, ‘di ko trip. Pero nagpapanggap na lang na natutuwa para sa kanya." 
The regreting guy confesses that she was pretty but prettier now. The essence of his story when he doesn't give much importance to the Miss Universe Girl and ignoring what the girl is dreaming of.Because Pia always telling him that someday she will be the Miss Universe. But in the end of his story and feeling too much regret about how he cheat the most beautiful girl in the universe no other than Pia and after cheating Pia was wrecked.

He share his regrets saying
"Aaminin ko. Gag* ako noon. ‘Di ko siya sineseryoso. ‘Di ako nag-eexert ng effort. Lagi ko siyang tinatake for granted. Madalas akong ‘di nagrereply. ‘Pag may lakad kami, minsan talkshit akong ‘di sumisipot. Napakagago. Inundervalue ko yung worth niya." He shared ythat it happens in their block outing "Nung outing namin ng block, ginawa ko ang pinakainsensitive at heartless na pagkakamali. Nagkafling ako with my blockmate na kaclose ko. Napakabait ni Pia. Napakagandang personality. Iyak siya ng iyak nung nalaman niyang niloko ko siya. Nakipaghiwalay siya sakin."

It was a very big lesson to him about what happen when he ignore his ex-sweetheart and advise all the guys that always give respect to the woman and give them the importance and do not take for granted and cheat them.
 "Kung gusto n’yo kong ibash, it’s okay. I guess I really deserve it. But that was 8 years ago. I learned a lot ever since. Yung next relationship ko, kinarma ako ng sobra. Ako naman yung ‘di sineryoso. Harap-harapang nanlalaki yung babae sakin. Bumalik sakin lahat ng panggagago ko. Narealize ko na sobrang mali yung ginawa ko. Siguro kinuwento ko ‘to para lang sabihin sa lahat ng mga lalaki na WAG MAGING GAGO. Kasi una, babalik sayo yun. At pangalawa, ‘pag ginago mo ang babae, gagawa at gagawa ng paraan yan para patunayan sayo na maganda siya. Na dapat respetuhin mo siya. Na dapat tratuhin mo siya na Miss Universe." 

This was the confession of the guys with regrets that garnered more than 120 thousand likes, comments, and 26 thousand shares and still counting. Many social media users were annoyed and the guy with regrets must learn a lesson in life through this regretful past experience.

Here is the original regretful story of the guy hiding under a pen name" Guys With Regrets" in the Filipino Language.

"Nung College Pa Kami ni Pia Wurtzbach Nene pa si Pia nung college. Oo, artistahin at eye-catching na ang ganda niya. Pero ‘di pa ganong kamature at karavishing. 
Nagkakilala kami sa waiting area ng LRT V. Mapa nung 2007. Noon pa lang, may poise na siyang kumilos. Mahilig siyang tumingin sa paligid, nagpapaganda siguro. Nakatapak siya sa yellow line, kaya pabiro kong sinabi sa kanya, “Ate, wag kang tatalon”. Tumawa siya. Ta’s yun. Nag-usap kami. At simula nun, pasimple na kong nanliligaw.
‘Di siya taga-uste. Nag-aral siya sa Center for Asian Culinary Studies sa San Juan. Ako, AB Economics sa UST. Artista siya sa ABS, pero minor roles lang. Kaya ‘di siya masasabing sikat. 
Meeting place namin lagi sa SM Sta. Mesa, which is gitna ng San Juan at Espanya. Madalas kami manood ng mga corny at cheap romantic comedy sa sine. Tuwang-tuwa siya sa mga ganong palabas. Ako, ‘di ko trip. Pero nagpapanggap na lang na natutuwa para sa kanya. 
Lagi niyang sinasabi na magiging Miss Universe daw siya someday. Sasang-ayon na lang ako at makikiride. “Sure.” Pero ‘di talaga ko naniwala. Akala ko talaga, pang-university lang ang ganda niya. Never kong inexpect na aabot siya ng international. 
A aminin ko. Gago ako noon. ‘Di ko siya sineseryoso. ‘Di ako nag-eexert ng effort. Lagi ko siyang tinatake for granted. Madalas akong ‘di nagrereply. ‘Pag may lakad kami, minsan talkshit akong ‘di sumisipot. Napakagago. Inundervalue ko yung worth niya.
Nung outing namin ng block, ginawa ko ang pinakainsensitive at heartless na pagkakamali. Nagkafling ako with my blockmate na kaclose ko. Napakabait ni Pia. Napakagandang personality. Iyak siya ng iyak nung nalaman niyang niloko ko siya. Nakipaghiwalay siya sakin. 
Kung gusto n’yo kong ibash, it’s okay. I guess I really deserve it. But that was 8 years ago. I learned a lot ever since. Yung next relationship ko, kinarma ako ng sobra. Ako naman yung ‘di sineryoso. Harap-harapang nanlalaki yung babae sakin. Bumalik sakin lahat ng panggagago ko. Narealize ko na sobrang mali yung ginawa ko. 
Siguro kinuwento ko ‘to para lang sabihin sa lahat ng mga lalaki na WAG MAGING GAGO. Kasi una, babalik sayo yun. At pangalawa, ‘pag ginago mo ang babae, gagawa at gagawa ng paraan yan para patunayan sayo na maganda siya. Na dapat respetuhin mo siya. Na dapat tratuhin mo siya na Miss Universe."

Guy With Regrets
2007 AB


Mang Jani's Message To Alden And Maine! Can You Guess It?

Mang Jani the hilarious man behind the funny message that makes the AlDub Nation smile and laugh. He is a witty clever person that his message has a double meaning that makes puzzled the one who is reading. Again he posted a message that makes the AlDub Nation think what is the exact meaning of his post. This is his post with hashtag #ALDUBDevotion " Maichard bedroom talking in front of the cameras. ADN be like." This message puzzled the AlDub Nation and others are curious about the exact meaning of this. His message is a woman hearing the person talking inside the room through the closed door.

It is like a girl spying for what are the conversation of the person inside the room. The photo signifies that Mang Jani is trying to hear the conversation of the phenomenal love team inside a closed room. Because Mang Jani wants to have updates on the phenomenal love team conversation inside the room and investigating what are the activities of the people inside the room.

AlDub Nation was compared to this moving picture that they want to be updated in every moves and activity of Alden and Maine even in off or on camera. Because they missed every moment that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are together in the show or even in any places they were together.It is better that the AlDub Nation is always updated so that they can defend the phenomenal love team from critics and bashers.

Source: Ron Sagun

OFW In Kuwait Escapes From Her Employer! Here's How She Escape? Watch The Video

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Kuwait allegedly trying to escape from the house of her employer by passing down from the balcony of the house was captured by a video. The video was posted by Facebook user Calabanit Hardpags Jhondhie but until now the location and the time were unknown. The video was recorded in front of the employer's house of the OFW recorded by the fellow OFW which was heard the voice in the video recording. The OFW was seen on the second floor of the house and seating on the ledges of the building. The OFW has his bags containing her personal belongings and clothes.

It was seen on the video that almost a couple of minutes that the OFW was sitting on the ledges of the building and waiting for a chance to escape in a right time. After another minute the woman drops her one bag on the garage roof of the building. After some time of wandering on the balcony assuring that there will be no person looking at her. After checking that there will be no people watching on her she decided to come down from the balcony by hanging on the ledges of the building.

After minutes of hanging on the edges of the balcony of the building, she loosened from hanging on the ledges and fell from the balcony. Until now there are no updates what happened to the OFW if she was injured because of her falling from the building. There is no identification of the escaping OFW only identified only through the voice of the one recording this video who was a Filipina. Please Watch the breathtaking video of the escaping incident of the poor OFW.

Source: Facebook

Viral: Old Woman Was Maltreated By Her Pregnant Daughter! Here's How?

The video about an old woman maltreated by her pregnant daughter was posted in The Facebook Page Vice Ganda was went viral. Many netizens shared their sentiments and render their sympathy to the old woman. The pregnant daughter was taking a bath her Old Mother in their house but the netizen was shocked when she pours water on the head of her mother without any reason she hit the head by a plastic can. After pouring some water on the head before putting shampoo again she hurt her mother by pulling the hair. It was a heartbreaking situation not accepted to be done to the old mother by the children as a showing of respect to the one who bears them for nine months in her womb.

Some people passing the area ignores the maltreatment and they don't interfere the maltreatment of the daughter to her mother. Many netizens react on this unacceptable treatment of the heartless daughter. They share their sympathy about the situation of the poor old mother. Some are cursing the pregnant daughter that maltreating her mother.

Another netizen commented that it must be informed to the social welfare and inform to the media so that immediate action will be given to the irresponsible daughter. This video was secretly recorded so that it can be posted and shared on the social media to inform the responsible authorities to take action on this heartless acts of the daughter. Kindly share this video so that the relatives or neighbor that can identify the pregnant woman can inform the maltreatment she has done to the old woman.

Source: Vice Ganda Official Facebook Page

Public Service Announcement: New OFW In Riyadh Abused By Her Employer! Please Share!

Overseas Filipino Workers abroad mostly encountering abuses from their foreign employer. The social media has the great help to inform the authorities responsible for the welfare of the expatriates abroad.There is one public service announcement went viral on the social media account Facebook. This was the post on the Facebook Page Trending News Portal the photo of the poor OFW that suffers abused from her employer in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The newly arrived OFW in Riyadh Saudi Arabia named to be Linda Gan Isleta. She arrived last December 19, 2016, which to be only more than one month in the kingdom but already suffering abused from her Saudi Employer. Her agency is S&I International Management and the manager of this recruitment agency is known only by the name Madam Josie, the agent is Madam Weng and the person who recruited the alleged abused OFW is Marina Gonzales.

The agency in Riyadh is Kortuba and the owner was known only to be Sir Torkey. The poor OFW is asking help to the responsible authorities to return immediately to the Philippines. Her employer is abusing him as in the photo posted by the Facebook Page "Trending News Portal". The employer bangs her head and beaten by the broomstick which results in the inflammation of her hands as seen on the photo posted.The cell phone number of the husband of the victim is "09127403109". Kindly call the husband of the abused OFW especially the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh and update her husband about the condition of the OFW victim of abused.

A concerned OFW named Eddie Silva who has also a problem in Riyadh because he was not receiving his salary for the last 7 months renders a little help by giving the telephone number in Riyadh for the contact of Philippine Embassy in Riyadh kindly call this number as his comment to this Facebook page. because Silva's documents were in process to return to the Philippines in due time.

Many netizens are requesting to the government to ban the deployment of OFW as a Domestic helper because the government is not protecting the poor Domestic helper in their country and many are suffering abused from their employer.Kindly share this public service announcement to help this OFW that was posted on the Facebook Page "Trending News Portal " To all OFW around the world if you have stories like this kindly share and it will be posted and share so that the responsible authorities here in the Philippines can do their best to help you.


Crowds Were Shocked To Maxine Medina's Answer For The Top 6 Miss Universe Question! Here's Why?

The Philippines dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient, the once again hosted the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant since 1994. It is an honor to host again the prestigious Beauty Competition. The winning stake of our very own Miss Universe 2015 Ms. Pia Wurtzbach sets the country once again in hosting the prestigious beauty competition. The country's candidate Ms. Maxine Medina reach to the top 6 of the present Miss Universe 2016 Competition. Our country's contender now arrived at the Top 6 Question and Answer portion of the pageant.

The controversial Pageant host star comedian Steve Harvey ask the question " What is the most significant change you've seen in the world in the last ten years? The crowd was amazed when the interpreter translated the top 6 question in Filipino language but Medina still selected to answer in English. This was her answer to the question of Steve Harvey " In the last 10 years of being here in the world, I saw all the people bringing in one event like this in Miss Universe. It’s something big to us that we are one. As one nation, we are all together. Thank you. Maraming salamat po,"

She was trying to take the back to back win of the country in this prestigious International beauty competition. But unfortunately, she has only got the Top 6 of the international pageant competition. Filipinos are very proud even though the country's bet doesn't get the crown for the Miss Universe 2016. Here's the answer of the country's bet for the international competition.

Watch the video below:


Snatcher Returns The Bag To The Victim! Watch To Know Why?

A passenger was snatched her bag by the snatcher but it was immediately returned when the latter checked that the bag has no money.The suspect and the victim cross their way in the jeepney in Cambridge Street, Brgy. E. Rodriguez Cubao Quezon City. When the passenger jeepney stop, the suspect grab the bag of the victim identified as Froilan Capinig, the incident was not shown in the CCTV footage and the owner of the bag was a collector in one company.Base on the CCTV footage the suspect was caught that he grab the bag of the victim and immediately drop off the vehicle.

The victim immediately also drop off the jeepney, and when the suspect notice that there is no money inside the bag, he immediately returns the bag to the suspect. According to Marciano Buena-Agua, Brgy. Chairman of E. Rodriguez, Cubao, Quezon City when the suspect saw that there is no gun inside the bag and the only receipt was inside, he decided to return to the owner of the bag.

After handing the bag to the owner the suspect escape but the victim follow him. One concern woman knows the incident and seeks help from the residents resulting to the arrest of the suspect. Another resident punches the suspect, but he explains that he was from the province to work in Metro Manila but there are people trying to hurt him and thinking the victim have connivance with the victim that seats beside him. Capinig is now facing a robbery charge even though he returns the bag to the victim.

Source: GMA News

Daddy Bae Again Attacked By His Wittiness! Here's Why?

Like father like son was a famous saying concerning the father and son behavior. Alden Richards sometimes show some witty and funny moves together with the phenomenal star. How about Daddy Bae, for sure he is also showing some witty and funny moves. In the recent post of Daddy Bae on his Instagram account about baby angel reading story books and beside her is Daddy Bae waiting the baby to fall asleep. But the funny side of this picture posted by Daddy Bae, he is the one nearly fall asleep and the Baby Angel still reading the story books. AlDub Nation notices that Baby Angel is very beautiful and with a beautiful sharp nose. The caption of his post on his Instagram Account" Baliktad ata, ako na kinukwentuhan inaantok na ako lol!"

The situation is a reverse, Baby Angel is the one telling the story and Daddy Bae is near to fall asleep. The photo appreciated by the AlDub Nation that they are working good and keep it up. This is one comment of AlDub Nation on her Instagram account" Good Job Angel, for practicing your reading. And good job to Daddy for encouraging it. Keep it up"

This situation reminds the fans how their father when they are still a child read some bedtimes stories so that they will fall asleep. But it is the reverse situation with Daddy Bae because Daddy Bae will fall asleep and Baby Angel is reading bedtime stories to her father. Have a good and tight sleep Daddy Bae and Baby Angel, good night to both of you and have sweet dreams.

Source: Ron Sagun

Nanay Dub again Calls The Attention Of AlDub Nation! Here's Why?

Nanay Dub recently calls the attention of AlDub Nation that someone is using her complete name on the social media Facebook. She clarifies that it is not her Facebook account. Again she calls again the attention of AlDub Nation to clarifies about the upcoming birthday celebration of the phenomenal star. She was not the one organizing the upcoming birthday celebration of Maine Mendoza. Because there is someone coming out to be the organizer of the birthday celebration of the Phenomenal star. This is the post of Nanay Dub clarifying the issue:
" Just to clarify, I am not one of the organizers of Maine's birthday celebration. Thank you. Have a great Sunday ADN!:)"

AlDub Nation appreciates the clarification of Nanay Dub for the upcoming birthday celebration of her daughter. Another fan thanks to the mother of the phenomenal star that she was not the same with the other mother of other celebrities because she was a classy mom and not being a stage mother.

This information was before known by AlDub Nation that many people are using the real name of Nanay Dub in Facebook. For the updates don't forget AlDub Nation, Nanay Dub is not the organizer of Maine Mendoza's upcoming birthday celebration. Better to know the clarification of Maine's mother so that all AlDub Nation were well informed for the phenomenal star upcoming birthday on March 3, 2017.

Source: Ron Sagun

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza Plays Like A Child Caught In Camera! Here's How?

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are always sweet and romantic off and on camera. Sometimes Alden has naughty moves against Maine Mendoza to entertain the AlDub Nation and to have fun with the phenomenal couple. In this video, the phenomenal love team was caught in the camera exchanging of mischievous tricks (Harutan). They are like a child playing in the dressing room and without the knowledge that there is AlDub Nation that taking the video. For Alden and Maine, it is normal to them to have some fun like playing like a child to relieved the stress and bonding between the phenomenal love team.

They have their own world because even though some fans are with them they are ignoring the presence and continue their hilarious moves like a child exchanging mischievous tricks in front of their fans. It is good to know that the phenomenal love team acts like a normal person in the presence of their fans.

Because it is different with other celebrities or love team that they cannot acts like ordinary people in the presence of their fans.That is why the phenomenal love team is much loved by the fans because of their simplicity and down to earth character with their fans. AlDub Nation is proud of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza that they are real on and off camera.

Source: Ron Sagun

Alden Richards Song Was Dedicated To Maine Mendoza

Alden Richards sing the song "Your Guardian Angel" in Sunday PinaSaya this January 29, 2017. It was a very beautiful song of Alden Richards and there are many speculations arise that who is the guardian angel that always hold his hands forever. It was the version of Alden Richards and many appreciate the song he sang in Sunday PinaSaya. There are many past memories that remind some of the AlDub Nation in their past. Even though they remember their bad past memories but the version of Alden Richards is a very beautiful song that soothes in their ear. Many questions come to the minds of the AlDub Nation if the song is dedicated to whom. For sure AlDub Nation majority votes for Maine Mendoza.

Because the song refers to the only one young lady that always holding his hand and beside him. Many AlDub Nation appreciates that the song he sang was very beautiful and it is their favorite song even before the song was not yet sung by Alden. Another fan posted that this song was their theme song when they were in Highschool days. It was a good vibe to all that hear the beautiful song and it completes their day.

This beautiful song has made the alDub Nation to think that this si dedicated to one and only guardian angel of his life no other than his future forever Maine Mendoza. As the fan commented on this video upload named Ryano Deyto "of course Maine will always be ur Guardian Angel ! sys ang ginamit God Kya nbago Buhay m at ng family mo!" This one comment shows that the song is dedicated to Maine Mendoza and always be the guardian angel of the Pambansang Bae.

Source: Ron Sagun

Ate Nikki Reacts On Alden Richards And Maine Mendoza Sweetness!

Ate Nikki always supports to her younger sister Maine Mendoza.She is always posting a message on her tweeter account with a disclaimer so that the basher will not link her message to her sister. But this post of Ate Nikki is different that she doesn't include a disclaimer but a reaction about the sweetness of the phenomenal love team.This is the reaction posted by the elder sister of the phenomenal star with hashtag #ALDUBIncomparable
" Hahahahaha may invisible ata syang katabie. Sorry naman natawa ko dito. Ginalingan yung buhok."
 Benod babi makes editing on the photo of the phenomenal loveteam together with Ms. Pia Guanio.The editing skills of Benod Babi makes Ate Nikki laugh at his inserting drawing between Ms. Pia and the phenomenal star.

The hairstyle of the cartoon drawing makes Ate Nikki laugh on her post. The picture edited was the very sweet moments of the phenomenal love team in the Eat Bulaga.It was the hair of the cartoon drawing inserted by Benod Babi in his editing of the picture that makes the older sister of Maine Mendoza to reacts on the sweet moment's photo of the phenomenal love team.

It was awesome skills of Benod Babi that makes the AlDub Nation, Ate Nikki to have fun and entertain in this drawing inserted on the sweet moment photo of the phenomenal couple. Good Job Benod Babi you entertain a lot because of this hilarious editing of yours.The phenomenal couple missed each other and you can see that they are like a magnet that it is very difficult to separate.

Source: Ron Sagun

Alden Richards Reveals His Guardian Angel

AlDub Nation wants to know who is the guardian angel of Alden Richards on the post of one AlDub Nation on her Twitter accounts. She posted like this with hashtag #ALDENYourGuardianAngel " Alden:" Yung guardian angel ko lagi ko kasama yan." Yung Mom niya sa heaven at si Maine naman dito."There were many speculations that his guardian angel was his late Mother which is already in heaven that always guard him. But another AlDub Nation suggests that it is Maine Mendoza which is in the recent poem of the Pambansang Bae Alden Richards. This poem was tweeted by another fan with hashtag #GovMadamDTBYReady " Pinasamahan nya ko ng isang anghel na hahawak sa aking mga kamay at manatili pang-habang buhay.-Alden."

The poem which was posted referring to Maine as the guardian angel that will hold his hands forever. And eventually that Maine Mendoza is always beside him holding his hands. It was a dream of the AlDub Nation to be the forever of Alden Richards will be the phenomenal star. The guardian angel of Alden was not directly answered by him so that there will be many speculations to arise and they will be puzzled who is the guardian Angel of Alden Richards.

Another speculates that his guardian angel is Mama Ten. For so many speculations that arise, the majority of the AlDub Nation chooses it to be the phenomenal star as the basis is the poem that almost referring to Maine Mendoza that always beside him and holding his hands. No matter who is the guardian angel for the AlDub Nation Maine is his guardian angel here on the earth and his mommy in the heaven. For sure many angels are guardian the Pambansang Bae because he is kind and good.

Source: Ron Sagun

Vice Ganda Immediately Sent to Hospital! Here's What Happened?

The unkabogable star Vice Ganda was very happy meeting with his co-host in the noontime Show "It's Showtime. He apologizes to the crowds because he was late arriving at the show. The reason was that he rushed to the hospital on the morning of January 28, 2017, because of forgetting the contact lens to remove before he sleeps. The contact lens was dried up in his eyes and he is trying to remove it but it was broken in his eyes. Due to the broken contact lens in his eyes, he was rushed immediately to St. Lukes Medical Center. He was very thankful that his eyes have no damaged and it was already clear to see.

He gives a message of gratitude to the attending doctor, Dr. Gino Feliciano for his assistance to the unkabogable star. Vice Ganda reminds the audience that before going to sleep don't forget to remove the contact lens because it is dangerous to the eyes.He jokingly talking to the crowd that he clearly see all the audience in the show.

The unkabogable star explains to the fans that when he woke up in the morning his eyes was swollen, reddish and shadowy. Vice Ganda added that it was the saddest part in life when you woke up in the morning facing the mirror that you cannot see your beauty.He was very thankful that his eyes have now is in good condition and once again he can see clearly the crowd and the people around him especially his co-host in "It's Showtime".


DOLE-POEA One Stop Service Center Office Served 300 Thousand OFW For The Past 5 Months!

Almost 300 Thousand OFW receive a service from the One-Stop Service Center (OSSCO) for OFW's by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)for the last 6 months of operation since it started. According to the report of Deputy Administrator Aristodes Ruaro of POEA starting in the month of August last year, there is a total of 281,900 OFW seek help from the service center and it was immediately processed of the different agency of OSSCO. On the said month it was recorded the most number of OFW served and processed totally to 65,492. The majority of the OFW were served for their documentation of the Balik Manggagawa and seconded by the OWWA for renewal of membership served a total of 57,922.

The Home Development Mutual Fund serve the total of 28,808 OFW who applies for PAG-IBIG membership, loyalty card, STL and provident benefit claims.According to the report of Ruaro, The SSS served 34545 workers for registration, amending for their data, applying for benefits of loan claim, check loans contribution and enroll for the Unified Multi -purpose ID Card and asked a question concerning SSS.

PhilHealth served 25,492 almost OFW pay their PhilHealth contributions, apply and renew their membership and also asked a question on PhilHealth related concerns. The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) serve the total of 19,362 OFW under the pre-processing of passport application and they asked a question regarding consular services.In some regions like Zamboanga City, there are totaled 5,638 OFW clients. In Iloilo City the total clients served were 1,820 and majority of them under processing of Balik-Manggagawa documentation.

The DOLE-POEA launched the OSSCO to help and serve all the OFW and other who are planning to work abroad and expanded service of the various government agencies to quickly assist in processing their documents and other services. The OSSCO is the response of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte so that it will be easy to all OFW to receive government services in a shorter time of processing, to save time and money.

Source: Philippine Information Agency

Alden Richards Protects Maine Mendoza In The Midst Of The AlDub Nation!

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza is always sweet associating together with The AlDub Nation.It was called by some AlDub Nation about this event Balloon Serye. The naughtiness of Alden Richards cannot escape from the watching eyes of alDub Nation. As we remember that Alden Richards makes naughty moves with Maine by popping the balloons and makes the phenomenal star surprised and frightened. Again in this event, that balloon is involved and Maine Mendoza has already a phobia of the balloon. Because Maine presumption, that Alden Richards will pop the balloon and she was afraid the balloon will burst.

But when the phenomenal star saw that Alden is trying to pop the balloon immediately she stares at him and Alden release from his hand and he made a selfie with the fans. The audiences got a chance to have a selfie with the fans and as a sweet and protective phenomenal husband he assisted and protect Maine Mendoza always staying beside her.

The Balloon Serye makes the phenomenal star to have trauma with the balloon because Alden is bullying the phenomenal star by popping the balloon to frightened her. But even though the Pambansang Bae sometimes making some naughty moves with the phenomenal star he is always protecting her so that Maine will be secure. This sweet behavior of Alden with Maine by always beside her to protect was always noticed by the AlDub Nation. This behavior of the Pambansang Bae was understood by the AlDub Nation by showing his love and protecting the phenomenal star.

Source: Ron Sagun

Men's Reaction On "A Girl With Skirt Up" Pranks Will Blow Your Mind! Here's Why?

Women are suffering from a battle every day to keep at a distance with the people who was blaming the victims as the responsible for their wrong doings that make the offenders take advantage of the situation. In the country, many women experience s*xual harassment and verbal abuse in their day to day life. One of a YouTube Channel "Smooth POV" launched a social experiment about foolish pranks and the girl will walk around many people in the public area with her skirt up which is tucked in into her underwear. The foolish and s*xy pranks were accomplished in the shopping malls and on busy streets of Los Angeles. The majority of men definitely look over her and some takes photo thru their mobile phone and others are laughing at her.Some men were surprised when the girl named Angel directly asked them if they saw that her red skirt was up and tucked in into her underwear.

The other people strongly denied that they see the circumstances. There are two men sitting in the middle-aged and old man strongly denied the allegation of the girls and shower her wedding ring after she asked them if they saw the embarrassing moment. There were men that show concern for the girl directly telling that her skirt was up and tucked in in her underwear. The groups that show concern was an African- American and two Latino men. There were ladies that inform him about the embarrassing situation of the girl and immediately arrange her skirt.She appreciates the good deeds that showing concern for her the other one who shows concern give her an embrace for thanking his good deeds.

The social experiment garnered a whopping number of views reaching to more than 17.3 million views on YouTube and receive a multitude of comments around the globe.The people who take photo were offended and the two men showing their wedding rings and strongly denies the accusation of the lady. Netizen makes a comment on this social experiment
"Mad respect for the 3 dudes that told her and were honest. Those pigs who were looking/taking pictures and acted arrogant and innocent after can choke." 
What will be your comments in this pranks and social experiment?


This Little Kid Went Viral Because Of His Unexpected Answer To The Question ! Here's Why?

Every Filipino believes that a kid will say honestly if you ask him a question. And every one of us surely will believe the child to his answer since a young kid has a clean heart and mind. This thought will also be in Judge mind of the Kids Pageant Competition. The innocent little kid answers the question of the program host directly to the point with no hesitation. This video went viral and garnered more than 3 Million views at the moment and posted by Leah Let Belen Dorepes on her Facebook accounts last January 25, 2017. The video was Pageant Competition for kids and it is in a Question and Answer portion of the program. The program host asked a question from the little kid about his favorite food. At first, he doesn't clearly understand the question so he answered that he wants to be an actor in the movie. The seems to be innocence after awhile again the program host asked again the same question and finally understand the question clearly and answer it the right way saying that his favorite food was vegetables.

Everybody was amazed on the smart answer of the little kid. Again another follow-up question was asked by the program host why he likes to eat vegetables and on this moment all the crowd was surprised to his answer. Do you know what is the answer of the little kid that surprised all the audience and unexpectedly replied by the boy? His answer is "by eating vegetables it will lengthen his...!"

This statement of a little kid is unexpected to be his reply on the question by the program host. all of the crowds laugh out loud for the unexpected reply of the little kid. This posted video garnered more than 3 million in views and receives many comments from netizen. Netizens are thinking that the boy will reply to prolong life but it is unexpected that his reply makes the post to became viral.

Watched the video below:


Pia Wurtzbach Asking Favor From AlDub Nation Must Be A Good Example!

The miss Universe Beauty Pageant will be held on January 30, 2017, in our country. The reigning Miss Universe 2015 was no other than our very own Pia Wurtzbach. Before she won the prestigious Beauty Pageant she requests the support from AlDub Nation. Last year this was her request before posted on her Twitter account
" Hello #AldubNation pwede po bang mahingi ang tulong nyo para sa laban ko sa Miss Universe? May online voting po sa mismong final night. Yung vote nyo po papasok habang ako po ang naglalakad sa stage. Real time po yung votes. You can watch the pageant thru online streaming or cable TV. Delayed telecast po kasi sa ABS CBN at hindi po papasok ang votes pag tapos na po akong maglakad. Check the link on my bio for details of voting"

This message of Pia Wurtzbach last year was fully supported by the AlDub Nation. And it must be the example for the nice requesting of support and asking a favor in this upcoming Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. Because alDub Nation reacts to "dale secret" Twitter account because of her requesting support in a sarcastic way of approach. It was far different from the reigning Miss Universe that she mentioned the name of the fans club AlDub Nation.

It is only a proof that AlDub Nation Fans club are a lot of help in supporting any candidates. Here are the tweets of one AlDub Nation to the one requesting support in a sarcastic way
" KapamilyaArtist try asking nicely. People like you makes it hard to be proud of being a Filipino." 
It is nice to support a candidate that asking a favor in a nice and not in a sarcastic way of approach.The example of asking a favor from the reigning Miss Universe is the best example to be copied by another candidate or person that will ask a favor from AlDub Nation.

Source: Ron Sagun

Rams David Reveals That Maine Mendoza & Alden Richards Are Happily Reunited!

Rams David, the showbiz career Manager of Maine Mendoza reveals that Alden and Maine are very happy. Why? because again they are very happy because for so many days that they are away from each other and again reunited. The picture of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza shows the radiance of their happiness to be together again. Alden came from California on their "Sikat Ka Kapuso Concert" together with other Dabarkads. It is not the only Manager Rams David sees that they are very happy together and reunited but even the AlDub Nation feels and saw from their faces in the photo that they were very happy. The phenomenal love team was both missed by their fans because for a couple of days they were separated of the "Sikat Ka Kapuso Concert in California for Alden and the taping of "Destined To be Yours" for Maine Mendoza.

It was noticed by AlDub Nation member and post her feelings about the happiness they witness when the phenomenal couple again reunited. Here is her post on her Twitter accounts " Loveliest when A&M together has outstanding chemistry they don't fake happiness." Mostly the observation of the AlDub Nation from the photo posted by Rams David that their happiness of being together again is seen in their eyes and capturing smile of the phenomenal love team. The aura of their smile was very real and AlDub Nation requests that the phenomenal love team be always together if possible.

They are always happy when the phenomenal couple is both happy. Another fan describes their happiness from the picture posted by Maine's manager saying " D intensity of their happiness is directly proportional to how deep His Dimple & how wide her smile. The happiness of the phenomenal couple to be together again was very felt by the AlDub Nation. Always makes the AlDub Nation happy by being together for both Alden and Maine in their show and the upcoming soap opera.

Source: Ron Sagun

OFW Mother Was Shocked About Her Son's Inhuman Experience With His Auntie! Here's Why?

The photo posted by facebook user Kristel Hannah Macam went viral on Facebook and garnered sympathy from the netizen of the young boy suffers extreme punishments from his Auntie and Uncle.Mother and family of John Earl are shouting for Justice for the responsible in the shocking experience he encountered that results to gone lifeless. The 2 years old young boy gone lifeless because beating him of his cousin and her husband.It was a terrible experience that is inhuman to be experienced by a poor kid.

He suffers withholding the finger and squeezing his arm to the door and he was brought inside the sack and beat for several times. And the worst is that he was fed a stale food with chili. The monstrous acts of his auntie and uncle of the young boy were unknown to the knowledge of his mother which is an OFW working in abroad. The neighbors know the terrible incident of the young boy but they are afraid because they were threatened by the alleged suspects. The young boy experience worse than a hazing in a Fraternity.

And because of his critical condition, the victim was brought to the hospital and the doctor saw the worse affliction of the victim that feels his pity to the young Boy. The concerned doctor makes a phone call to the mother abroad and informs what happen to her child.It was extremely painful to the mother because the child has no knowledge of the incident. The mother arrived within their home seeing her lifeless son. The child suffers for one year of extreme pain with his Auntie and Uncle.

The incident was already informed to Pres. Duterte and says that he will take care of the couple and give punishment to the alleged suspects. It was done by the couple because of a simple mistake of the child by urinating in his short pants including the bed where they sleep. The heartbreaking photos of the poor kid that was extremely hurt by his Auntie and Uncle garnered sympathy from the netizen.

Source: Facebook

Alden Richards Admits to Lhar Santiago That He Really Misses Maine Mendoza

A showbiz entertainment reporter of GMA Network Lhar Santiago reveals the revelation of Alden Richards regarding Maine Mendoza. Recently the Pambansang Bae was in California for the "Sikat Ka Kapuso Concert together with Eat Bulaga's Dabarkads.And the phenomenal star was in the Quezon Province having a taping for the upcoming soap opera Destined To Be Yours.The revelation of Mr. Lhar Santiago was posted on his Social Media accounts " May inamin si Alden sa akin about Maine.While he was far from her, while he was in America, he really missed Maine." It is not surprising to the AlDub Nation that Alden Richards really missed the phenomenal star because for a couple of days they were separate doing their commitment in their career.But even the Pambansang Bae is very busy in the Sikat Ka Kapuso Concert in California, he doesn't forget about his loving phenomenal wife.

Many AlDub Nation thanks the showbiz entertainment reporter for the updates given by Mr. Lhar Santiago.He shows how he missed the phenomenal star because for a couple of days separated they missed each other. And not only the Pambansang Bae missed the phenomenal star. but the whole AlDub Nation misses them both together here in the Philippines together in the show and taping of the upcoming Teleserye "Destined To Be Yours".

t is really indeed that bibiboy is much in love with bibigirl. this is one of the comments of one fan on the social media account. Really the whole AlDub Nation, Dabarkads and their co-star in the soap opera missed them very much. It will be a happy moment to AlDub Nation when Alden returns from America and reunited again with the phenomenal star. Thanks Kuya Lhar Santiago for bringing good vibes to the AlDub Nation family by updating Alden Richards message to the phenomenal star.

Source: Ron Sagun

Maine Mendoza Calls For ADN To Support Ms. Maxine Medina for the Upcoming Miss Universe Pageant

It is again a historic event here in the country to host the prestigious Miss Universe. It will be the 65th Miss Universe pageant. It will be held on January 30th, 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City. Our very own Pia Wurtzbach will crown her successor at the end of the event. Many Filipinos are requesting support to our very own candidate Ms. Maxine Medina in the Twitter to vote for her in the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza calls for support to our very own Maxine Medina to vote for her on Twitter.Here is the post of Maine calling the support of AlDub Nation" Go, Maxine! Kering keri! #MissUniverse#Philippines" The AlDub Nation responded to Maine's calling to support our very own candidate by hashtagging #MissUniverse and #Philippines. It is for sure when Maine's calls for support the AlDub Nation is not hesitant to do so, but followed what Maine's request.

The Tweets of AlDub Nation member shows her all out support to the call of the phenomenal star posting" Maine alam mong sayo lang kami susunod. It will be a big help to our candidate for the Miss Universe Pageant that the AlDub Nation will give them support because it was requested by the phenomenal star. AlDub Nation posted reminders to those who will vote for the country's candidate that there will be no emoji to be used so that it will be counted by Twitter. Better to be safe in voting by not including an emoji for sure that it will be counted by Twitter.

Others are jokingly posting that Maine Mendoza is the bet of AlDub Nation for this Miss Universe Beauty Pagent because he is the only Miss Universe of Pambansang Bae Alden Richards. To all the AlDub Nation and all Filipinos around the globe let's support our very own Miss Universe Candidate Ms. Maxine Medina. It is again our pride to win this prestigious International Beauty Pageant.

Source: Ron Sagun

Boxer Knocks Out A Senior Citizen In Cebu City! Here's Why?

Many people gathered in one gasoline station in Cebu City where 2 children were fist fighting. Suddenly a Senior Citizen arrived at the scene and he tries to separate the two boys involve in fist fighting. After separating the two boys, he encounters an argument with the man with a red t-Shirt which known to be a professional boxer which is responsible for the sparring fighting of the two young boys. The tension was elevated when the alleged professional boxer pushed the old man.But the old man reciprocates to the man in red shirt, but immediately the man hit back against the senior citizen. The old man leaves in the place in a while and return back and handling a thing and hit the boxer.It was then that the boxer got mad and he punches the old man several times and knocks out the old man. Several times that the other people tries to separate him fro the old man but he continually hit the poor old man. The man in red shirt also tries to strangulate and slap the face of the senior citizen. There is one guy in a raincoat that separates the two man fighting. Upon the boxer discussion with the man in a raincoat another man in green t-shirt punch him followed by a man with a hat.

Again the senior citizen gains his strength and pointed out the man in red, after a while the latter got mad and he carries the poor old man and thrown it into the street. The fighting was calmed when the security guard in the area intervened the tension of the two guys. This video was uploaded on the Facebook and garnered almost 200k views and almost 5k shares. According to the netizen that posted the video the fighting of the two man was already settled in the Barangay. Until now the family and relatives of the Senior Citizen are still thinking if they will file a complaint against the professional boxer.

The GMA News reporter tries to know the location of the boxer. Because it is permitted to have a sparring fight between the children because it is dangerous. Because there was an incident last 2013 that one boy has a boxing match in CLRAA which gone lifeless after the fight. The sparring of children needs the permission of their parents and safety equipment and medical staff so that any problems arise they are the one who will assist. It is prohibited to a professional boxer to have a sparring with an ordinary people like the senior citizen.

Source: GMA News,Jenifer Mario,Federal Duterte Channel

Warning: Wife's lover Beaten By Wife's Husband In The Middle Of The Streets! Here the Video!

It was a sweet and romantic moment between the woman accompanied by her lover together in a car. It was a late night when a woman arrived in their home together with her lover. The lovers and the woman before separating from the car they hug and embrace each other and immediately go inside their house. But there is something she forgets so, her lover takes the stuff she forgets and tries to give to the woman.But unfortunately, when the arrived in the place the husband was already monitoring their CCTV monitor and wait for a chance to catch his wife's lover. It was a good chance when his wife's lover tries to come to the house to return the stuff forgotten by the woman. Without his knowledge that the husband is waiting for a chance to catch him.

It was already late when the woman's lover notice that the husband was presently in the place and they run until the husband catches the lover and give him several punches that he falls on the ground. The lover has no match with his lover's husband. He is trying to kick sometimes to the woman's husband but it is not enough to stop the husband to hurt him. Until the woman's lover has no strength to fight against the husband and almost lifeless in his condition.

But even the lovers was almost lifeless the husband continues to hurt the lover by jumping it on his head. It was a very embarrassing moment to the lovers that he was caught in the act by the woman's husband and no strength to fight back. It will be a lesson to all people who are cheating. Because there is no secret that will not be revealed in due time, you will suffer the consequence of your wrong doings.

Source: Tony Con, Daily Philippines Channel

Alden Richards To Media:"If We Will Have A Family In The Future" Suddenly He Take A Glance To Maine Mendoza!

The movie "Imagine You And Me" was the first romantic comedy by the phenomenal love team Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.The movie was released as the first anniversary offerings of the most famous love team in Philippine Showbiz AlDub. It was a press conference regarding the showing of the first movie of the phenomenal couple and answers a romantic and sweet response to the press people. The questions pertain to their upcoming first movies if what they feel about the releasing of thier romantic comedy film. This is what AlDen Richards responds to the press interview" It excites us this July 16, kumbaga sa right time naming dalawa ni Maine it happens kumbaga sa buong buhay namin when we grow older pag nagka family na kami"

During the interview as the Pambansang Bae is responding and eventually Alden Richards glance to Maine Mendoza with a sweet and romantic smile. This portion of the interview excites the AlDub Nation and Maine was like in a cloud nine hearing the sweet answers of Alden Richards to the showbiz reporters in the said press conference of their first ever movie" Imagine You And Me".

This first film evaluated as Grade B by the Cinema Evaluation Board of the Philippines that grossed Php 21.5 Million on an opening day. It was a history of the Philippine Cinema That for the first time that the newest love team grossed like this on the first day of showing their first movie. It happens because of the all-out support of the AlDub Nation worldwide.

Source: Ron Sagun

Viral: An Old Man Pooping At The Back Of Car Caught By CCTV Camera

A boy was looking for an old man for the whole night but into his surprised the old man he was looking for was caught by a CCTV Camera. It was a funny moment that the old man was doing when he was caught by the CCTV Camera of the Barangay. In this video upload of the old man will make you laugh because the old man is not expecting that he was caught by a CCTV Camera. The man has no place to poop, so he tries to find a secure and hidden place that no one can see him pooping at the back of the car. During the funny and embarrassing moment of the old man, it was caught on the CCTV as seen in the video the guys who are looking for this old man watch the CCTV Footage and made them laugh.

By their amazement and surprise that the old man will poop at the back of the car, they ask the man monitoring the CCTV to zoom the hilarious and funny moments of the old man. As they zoom the CCTV to clearly see the disgusting acts of the old man unknown to his knowledge it was confirmed that the old man pooping as they are zooming the camera, the guys and the CCTV monitor operator laugh out loud for the disgusting and embarrassing acts of the old man.It is a warning to the people that will poop in the hidden place.

Check first for the CCTV Camera, because it will be unknown to your knowledge that your secret moments will be known to all because you were caught by CCTV camera without your knowledge. This will be an embarrassing moment in your life that you will never forget. If the call of nature comes to you, try to find a comfort room or toilet so that you will not experience this embarrassing moment like this poor old man.

Source: Pinoy Trending News

Maine Mendoza And Daddy Bae Conversation on Twitter brought into "Leaves Talking"!

The phenomenal star has taping for the soap opera "Destined to Be Yours" in the forest land of Quezon province. As an Environmentalist character of Maine, it will be her symbol of hope for her upcoming soap opera Destined To Be Yours. The conversation of Maine Mendoza and Daddy Bae on their Twitter accounts brought a leaf talk conversation. The phenomenal star posted ' A dose of nature " with an emoticon of a leaf. on the other hand, Daddy Bae responds to her post an emoticon of leaf blown by the wind. AlDub Nation was puzzled in the conversation of Maine Mendoza and Daddy Bae by using leaf emoticon. Is there any connection why they are using leaf talks conversation regarding the taping of the phenomenal star in the forest province of Quezon? Until now the AlDub Nation are clueless of what is the meaning of these leaves?

Some AlDub Nation thinking that Daddy Bae use leaves conversation maybe there will be a wedding or an engagement?This conversation makes the AlDub Nation be curious about what is the exact meaning of this. Only Maine Mendoza and daddy Bae can answer the meaning of this leaves conversation? Or both of them are nature lovers, that they are using leaves emoticon in their conversation.

From the famous search engine, the meaning of green leaves depicts hope, renewal, and revival. Maybe the meaning of this emoticon used by Maine Mendoza and Daddy Bae were the same as the search engine expresses. But for the AlDub Nation, the true meaning of this leaves only Maine Mendoza and Daddy Bae can answer all of this question.

Source: Ron Sagun
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